Best Android Walkie Talkie Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Turn your phone into a Walkie Talkie with these handy apps. They are great for saving your money you would normally spend on making a call or sending a text.

If you regard an audio messaging as a good alternative to email and SMS then you will like what these apps can do to improve and enhance communication between you and your contacts.

Because Walkie Talkie apps can record audio messages for you to listen to later, if you aren’t able to listen to it right away, many regard Walkie Talkie apps as superior to traditional Walkie Talkie solutions, if only for the fact that you can get the feature on your current phone and that the voice quality is much better.

All the apps that are listed here work over WiFi, 3G, 4G and EDGE, they are therefore a great way of saving your voice minutes and SMS quota.


This is a cross platform PTT (push-to-talk) app that is great for communicating with your friends whether they are on Android, iOS or a Windows Phone 7 device. You can specify who can contact you, whether you prefer being contacted by only family or friends, only those you had previously added to you address book or you can leave it open so any can call.
The app has a large ‘Hold and Speak’ button which is great especially if you need to use the app while driving. This HeyTell can also be used to send text, photos and your location to an individual or a group.
Install Hey Tell

Voxer WalkieTalkie PTT

Voxer is a completely zero charge and ad free Walkie Talkie app for Android and other smartphones as well. When you send an instant audio message your friends can listen to it while you are talking or listen to it at a later date. Voxer can also send text, photos and location messages to one friend or a group of your friends.

Key Features:

  • Live Walkie Talkie
  • Talk with friends on Android and iPhone
  • Group chats
  • Get notifications for new messages
  • Create messages even offline
  • Connect with Facebook friends on Voxer

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Zello Walkie Talkie Loudtalks

Zello is a fast and truly cross platform Walkie Talkie solution that makes it possible to talk with other users on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, PC and Windows Mobile devices. You can talk to your contacts privately or you can join public channels to discuss a hot topic.
If you don’t want to talk you can always set your status to busy or away. When you are ready to talk with your friends you only need to set you status to Available or headphones; the app will also allow you to see the status of your contacts.

Key features of Zello include:

  • Realtime streaming, high voice quality
  • Contacts availability and text status
  • Public and private channels for up to 100 users
  • Hardware PTT button mapping
  • Voice history
  • Also available on iPhone, BlackBerry and PC

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TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie

This app also allows free, real-time one-on-one voice calls between you, your friends, family and colleagues and groups as well.
No setup is required to talk to someone as the app will allows you to talk with contact from your phone’s contacts or Facebook friends. This PTT app has one of the highest ratings among other PTT Android apps, so you should give it a try.
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With the phasing out of the Nextel service by 2013 there is no wonder that consumers are looking for push-to-talk alternatives for their mobile devices. While we highlighted some of the best Walkie Talkie apps for Android, we realize that there are other great good apps as well. Some of those we didn’t include in this roundup but are worth mentioning include talkbox and Kakao Talk Messenger.

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