Best Android Music Recognition Apps

By Steve McFarlane

It is pretty awesome that a small app running on a mobile device can be such a powerful music recognition tool.  The next time you find yourself wondering what is the name of tune or song, use one of these Android music recognition apps to get the info you want.


This app is a song and tune recognition application for Android devices that has a similar function as Shazam. If you want more information on a song or tune you’ve heard, simply fire up the app to get that information. After listening to a short clip of SoundHound- music recognition softwarethe song/tune, Soundhound will reveal the name of the artist, the lyrics of the song, the album on which the song was released, and links to Youtube videos if available.

What is most impressive about this music recognition software is its ability to identify a song or tune from even a poor attempt to hum or sing it. The free version of Soundhound is limited to just 5 recognitions per month. On the other hand, the full version can be used for unlimited song recognition; it costs $4.99.


This song identification app does basically the same thing as Soundhound, but has a very simple interface and is

Shazam- Android Music Recogition Appquite easy to use. Once you tap the logo, the app will immediately start to try identifying the song.  Once the

song is identified, Shazam will provide a list of resources from which you can see videos relating to the song, share the song on Facebook, Twitter and even find places from which it can be purchased.

In essence, Shazam does everything that SoundHound does, but we think that Soundhound’s interface is a lot nicer and it takes less than half the time as Shazam to recognize a tune.  Once it recognizes the tune it will even allow you to search for other songs by the same artist. However, a plus in Shazam’s column is its top 10 charts list and the access it give to its blog where users can identify new and trending music.

You can download any one of these mobile music applications by scanning the QR Code with a barcode scanner app.

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