Best Android Math and Calculator Apps

By Steve McFarlane

You can carry one less device by installing a calculator app on your Android. Some persons may still want to carry a dedicated calculator, to ensure that they can continue working if the phone battery goes dead, and to have a more rugged device, but that is about all a traditional calculator has over an Android calculator app.

In many case, the scientific, construction, finance and calculus calculators that are available on smart phones surpasses those of traditional calculators on points of style and function.

Here are some of the best Android calculator apps available today.  You can download each mathematics app by scanning the QR Code with a barcode scanner app. You can also enlarge each screen shot by simply clicking it.

Calculus Tools

Calculus and advanced math can be mind bending; use this app to handle the calculations and leave yourself the energy to learn and qr code - Calculus ToolsCalculus Tools – Android Calculus appapply the principles. This is a great app for math students but it does just as well in real world scenarios.

This is a Android math application that finds derivatives, computes definite integrals, arc lengths, finds Taylor series, and plots graphs, including polar and parametric and slope fields.  Despite having a long list of tricks, this Android calculus app is free.

RpnCalc Financial

RpnCalc Financial – Android Financial Calculator AppAs is the norm with RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculators the results are calculated as values and qr code -  RpnCalc Financialinputted which has the effect of reducing the number of key presses needed to complete certain tasks, including scientific, statistics and finance related computations.

If you are a business professional looking for a RPN financial calculator, this is the Android calculator for you. This scientific calculator app costs $5.00.


Android TI-86 Calculator appThis calculator app integrates the functions of a graphing and standard calculator into a single solution.

The app is great for engineering and calculus applications, in that it can graph and compare functions, convert between numeric bases, perform bit manipulation, solve differential equations, and plot vector fields. Those who are familiar with using Texas Instrument’s TI-86 calculators shouldn’t have a problem using this app.

Construction Master Pro

Construction Master Pro – The Best Android Construction Calculator AppThis is definitely the app that every Android owning foreman or contractor should have installed. The app has QR code - Construction Master Prothe features and functions that construction professionals expect to find in advanced construction math calculators. I may not be ideal to handle a shiny Android phone with cement coated gloves, but having an advanced mathematics app installed on your phone is certainly a good option to have, especially when you don’t want to carry around a separate, but purpose-built engineering calculator.

Not surprisingly, this highly specialized construction calculator app is relatively expensive to purchase ($19.99), but it can be an invaluable alternative to caring a dedicated construction calculator.

Math Workout Pro

Keep your mind sharp with frequent mental workouts from Math Workout Pro. The Math Workout Pro - Math Activity Appapp is designed to exercise qr code - Math Workout Proand test your brain with mathematical challenges that range from simple addition and subtraction to times table mastery. You can use it for yourself or use the six profiles to give your friends or family a chance to see how well they can do at solving some of the challenges the app will through at them.

The app can be particularly useful to children, and anyone for that matter, who is just learning the basics of mathematics. The app costs $1.01 but is well worth the price.

Formulas Lite

Formulas Lite – Android Math Apps for StudentsHere is a must have math app for students. Formulas Lite has a collection of important formulas for qr code - Formulas Lite Android mathematics appmathematics, physics and chemistry applications. The app could do with more content but all the basics are there. All in all, it is a good app that students needing a scientific calculator and a formula reference should download, or at least try. The app is free.

Image Credits: Each image is the property of the respective app developer

  • Calculus Tools – Android Calculus app
  • Formulas Lite – Android Math Apps for Students
  • Math Workout Pro – Math Activity App
  • Construction Master Pro – The Best Android Construction Calculator App
  • RpnCalc Financial – Android Financial Calculator App
  • Android TI-86 Calculator app
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17 Responses to “Best Android Math and Calculator Apps”


I would like to recommend a new scientific RPN calculator for Android – PG Calculator


On Android Market:


Please see Easy Calc – a smart calculator. It is very elegant and intuitive. And definitely checkout the correction slider which is very handy in long calculations.



Also see MathZ, that features a unique universal equation solver, with uses in so many areas : finance, business, engineering…


I purchased the construction Master Pro a couple of weeks ago and I had problems with my DROID and had to do a master reset and had to delete my gmail account, I still have the same phone is there anyway I can get you to send the CMP calculator to my new gmail account, I have only had the calculator for a month when my phone crashed


@Anonymous @ october 27th,

Everything you buy in the market is linked to your gmail account. You don’t need a new account when you get a new phone.

You don’t delete your gmail account. Instead you’ve only removed it from your phone. Do another reset, and use your old gmail account in the first few initialization steps.


It seems that there is even better calculator on which has more functions and has more user-friendly interface:


Best math app is mathscript or Addi.
Mathscript is a bit better but addi is compatible with Octave/Matlab

Both seem to be lacking 3D plotting yet, but mathscript say it’s coming….

Mathscript also has python built-in and is an extension of sympy.



Best math app for android currently is MathStudio $20. It has everything the ones below are lacking.

Addi and Mathmatiz lack simple plotting customization even in 2D.

Mathscript is predominantly symbolic oriented and it’s a pain to multiply two vectors/lists with it.


The best math program for android is currently MathStudio. It’s $20 but it’s worth since it offers everything the ones below are lacking.

Addi and Mathmatiz are lacking basic 2D plotting options.

Mathscript is predominantly symbolic and it is painful to dot two vectors/lists with it.

I’ve been through all of them and MathStudio is the clear winner. In the future I would switch to Addi if they get the plotting to an acceptable level.


If you want to improve your mental maths try out ‘Maths Bug’ – covers everything from simple addition and subtraction up to fractions and algebra. Built in help and tips. World wide high score tables, etc

See my website link for more details.

mr. statistics

is there anybody know statistics calculator that can operate such statistical calculation like variance, deviation standard etc?


There app to download


Mathmatiz now have 2D plotting customization and the developer is adding more functions now. Mathmatiz has a much better interface than Addi, thus my favorite of the two. It will surely become a nice FREE alternative for those cannot afford Mathstudio.

Paul cuellar

Can not buy this app can’t.get thru


CalcTape is a simple calculator with virtual paper tape and comments.
The most amazing feature is that you can change the calculation afterwards. Typos can be corrected without having to enter the whole calculation again. And you can even add or delete lines in the calculation.

CalcTape is also available for other platforms.

CalcTape for Android is freeware and can be downloaded from the Android Market:

Loyd Evans

I would recommend listcalc. It looks pretty nice, and has a result history.

Subhan Rehman

I would recommend Calc+
It was just released and is on a promotional offer for a limited time only!
It has lots of features

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