Best Android Bible Software

By Steve McFarlane

This is a roundup of the best Android bible software for doing a bible study, having a daily devotional, following a yearly reading plan or having the scriptures being read back to you. Here are some of the best paid and free bible apps for Android smart phones.

The Olive Tree BibleReader
This electronic bible reader is one of the more popular Android bible software on the market because of how easy it is to use.  With it you can easily access any verse in the Holy Scriptures with as little as 3 clicks, and once you find the verse you can smoothly scroll to subsequent verses for continuous reading without the need to click to access the next chapter or book.

The Olive Tree BibleReaderThis app is really a stand-alone bible reader, which means that you will need to download and install each of the versions that you want to read or study. While you will have to pay for some versions, Olive Tree does offer some free versions such as:

  • Darby’s Translation
  • Young’s Literal Translation
  • Weymouth New Testament
  • New English Translation – NETBible
  • Modern King James Version – MKJV
  • American Standard Version – ASV

Install/QR Code

Bible PromisesBible Promises - Android Bible App
Bible Promises is the top Bible topic reference guide on the Android Market; it contains more than 500 of the most popular verses and organizes them by meaningful topics to enable the easy navigation of the scriptures. If for example you need a word to help you overcome addiction or boredom there are categories for those and there are other categories that cover belief, boredom, children, contention, courage, Christmas and anger as well.

This application costs $.099. Install/QR Code


Bible - Android Bible App

More than just a software for reading the bible on your Android smart phone, you can use the app to save you reading plan (up to 20) and even share them on Twitter and Facebook if you like. This free Droid bible application is hosted by so community members can contribute to discussions that are of interest to them.  The app is free and comes with more then 44 translations including ESV, MSG, NKJV, NLT, KJV and NIV. Install/QR Code

Bible King James Version
 Bible King James VersionThis bible study software was designed for readers who have a preference for the King James Version. While you will need to have a data connection to access the online search feature, the app does come with the full content of all 66 books (from the new and old testament), so you don’t need data service to use the app, to search for text, or to read verses.  Other notable features include:

  • Red lettering
  • Bookmarking
  • Daily read
  • A 3-year daily reading plan

Install/QR Code

Bible Verses
 Bible VersesThis is not a piece of bible software in the strictest sense of the word, in that you won’t be able to search for specific verses.  Instead, Bible Verses serves up a new verse for you to memorize or meditate upon each day.

If you are so impressed you can even use the Facebook share feature to share a verse on your profile that you think will bless your friends.

This is a free app.  Install/QR Code

Talking King James Bible
Talking King James Bible - Android Talking Bible appThis is an electronic bible reader that is so much more than just a bible reader.  This is a free KJV bible application that will read portions of the scriptures to you — in essence it is an audio bible While the reader/narrator tends to read through the verses and chapters too quickly and mispronounce some words, the app is still one of the best you will find in the Android Market and other online Android app databases. Some standout features of this app include:

  • Red lettering
  • Email/copy/paste
  • Highlighting
  • Bookmarking
  • Cross-referencing
  • Night mode

The app comes with the KJV versions so you don’t need to have Internet service to access it.  However, if you need to access the other versions such as the MSG, NIV and NLT you will need to have data service. This is also a free Android bible app. Install/QR Code

These Android bible programs are more than just mobile bible study software for Android phones. These applications are a great way to access the word of God for doing a devotional, memorizing a bible verse or doing an in-depth bible study.

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New version: MySword for Android 1.1 Released

The noteworthy new features are:

1. Full screen mode in Bible, Commentary, Dictionary and Personal Notes Views.
2. Support for Morphological codes and link to the Dictionary view.
3. The ablity to scroll the pages using the volume buttons.
4. The screen is now kept turned on in Bible, Commentary, Dictionary and Personal Notes Views.
5. Ability to rearrange the Bottom UI Buttons to the user’s taste and preference.




MySword for Android 1.3 Released

google : mysword android

Thousands of people downloaded already.

Steve @ Android Phone Tracker

Indeed, these are great resources to ensure that you always have the sword with you.

Martin Anyanwu

I would like to have bible in my android phone it makes me move with my bible wherever i go it gives me answer to my questions

Martin Anyanwu

Full screen mode in commentry
and dictionary.

allows fine adjustment to text

johnnie johnson

I need bible for my pc tablet

johnnie johnson

what do I need to do?

johnnie johnson


johnnie johnson

i want a bible for my pc tablet.

Benamin Aurah

My daily walk with God is my first priority & that’s the reason why i’m on this site. Shalom

John Huss

For memorizing bible verses or scripture memory try the Fighter Verses app. It’s very affordable and it’s a high quality app that continues to be improved with lots of new features. It comes with a ton of carefully chosen verses preloaded; it has songs, spoken audio, quizzes, blog commentary, and many other features. I highly recommend it!

jack fraley

There is nothing that can take the place of GOD’s word. Thank you for making it avainle. Wonderful website.


Any Android Bible apps with capitalized pronouns when referring to God?

Thanks a lot.

Steve McFarlane

I don’t remember ever seeing that feature myself.

ronie juntaneza

i love GOD, a love more soul. for christ..

and iwant back to serve my GOD .my master.

Michael Miles

Wordsearchbible,com has a good app for iPad maybe we should tell them we need one for android!

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