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By Steve McFarlane

From providing information on a product that you are at the supermarket considering to purchasing, to revealing the name of a song and artist by having the phone listening to a part of the tune, Google Android phones can do some pretty amazing and awesome things.  Here are some apps that are more than novelty items, but can actually do some amazing things, if only to be used to wow your friends.

Instant Heart RateInstant Heart Rate – Awe Inspiring Droid Apps

If you don’t care to wear a hear rate monitor, or you just want to check your hear rate once in a while, this novel app can solve that problem for you. It is incredible that this app actually works, but Instant Heart Rate will show your heart rate if you but place your index finger over the camera lens for about 10 seconds.

You have to remember not to press down on the lens too hard though, as this can cut circulation to your finger and make it hard for the app to make a correct reading. Once you do it right, the app will use the camera to count the number of heart pulses and display your heart rate on the screen. QR code.

CamScanner – Phone to ScannerCamscanner - Phone To Scanner

Scan and manage documents by turning your Android smart phone into a document scanner. Whether the app is used to scan text or record receipts for accounting purposes, this app is more than useful. The app takes clear images and uses an auto crop algorithm to ensure that the phone won’t be processing more information than it needs to. The app can create a PDF, share and upload to popular services such as Dropbox, after it is done processing the image. QR code.

ShazamShazam – Top Apps

If you hear a song but can’t quite remember the name of the artist, or the name of the song, use Shazam to enlighten your lapsing memory. The app can recognize many recorded songs after listing to only a 15 second clip of the song. If Shazam recognizes the song, it will give the user an option to purchase the song, or album, as well as listen to videos of the artist on Youtube or find listings on popular retail sites. QR code.

Google Goggles

We know that you can use Shazam to search for information on a song or sound Google Goggles - Incredible Android Appsclip, and Google Maps to get directions to an address, and search engines to search for text.  Now Google Goggles allows you to take a picture and use that as your search criteria, in essence you can do a visual search. Once a picture is taken and submitted to Google Goggles, it will attempt to recognize the image and bring back relevant information. The app works well to identify famous landmarks, artwork and labeled products. However it doesn’t work so well in identifying clothes and accessories, still, it is pretty remarkable that this is possible. QR code.

Google Maps

Get free voice-guided GPS navigation with this free app. We believe that no must Google Maps - Amazing Android Appshave Android apps list is complete with having Google Maps. It is not just the fact that the app allows you find nearly all mapped locations on the planet, but it can be used to find, rate and get recommendations as well. For example you can use the app to find the shortest route to a given location, find places to eat and get petrol along you planned route. Recent updates allow the app to reroute the travel route even if the phone looses its data connection. QR code.


Layar is an Augmented reality browser that can be used to discover information Layar - Ground Breaking Appsabout the world around you. The app uses augmented reality technology, called layers, to display information on the phone’s screen that is relative to the devices current location. For example, installing a real estate layer, and using the app’s camera view, the app can overlay information about apartments that are available for rent by simply pointing the phone in the direction of buildings that you think may have vacancies. It also has a map view that can be used to see places and information of interest to you. QR code.

Barcode Scanner

Get additional information on a product you are considering to purchase by using Barcode Scanner - Awesome Android Appsthis bar code scanner to pull up information online including ratings and pricing from competing retail stores. QR code.

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