Android: DLNA Certified Phones

By Steve McFarlane

DLNA enabled phones can be used as media servers, which enable you to access content from a TV, audio system and PC without using wires to connect the devices. Most importantly, there is no need to configure network settings, or synchronize content between DLNA devices. There are also Android DLNA remote control apps that can be used to control playback.

For your Android cell phone to work as a DLNA server, or remote control, it needs to have Wi-Fi and be a DLNA certified device. Here is a list of Android phones that are DLNA certified.


Samsung Galaxy S -SHW-M110S

Samsung GalaxyTab JP -SGH-N023_JPN_DCM

Galaxy S -SGH-I9000M

Samsung i8910HD


Motorola Droid2 -A955

Motorola Milestone -XT720

Motorola DROID2WE -A956

Motorola Milestone2 – Froyo -A953

Motorola Droid2 -A957

Motorola Droid X -MB810

Motorola Droid2 -A955


HTC  HTC Desire Z -HTC Desire Z

HTC  HTC Desire HD -HTC Desire HD

HTC  Thunderbolt -Thunderbolt


LG LG-E720 -LG-E720

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want to know whether DLNA activated devices of diff.make are compatible with each other i.e say,SAMSUNG PHONE GALAXY S,PS3 (SONY),LG BLUE RAY PLAYER

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