Use your Android to Find Hotels and Places to Stay

By Steve McFarlane

Android hotel finder apps have become necessary for many travelers the world over, so we scouted around to find three of the highest rated apps for your convenience. There are several hotel apps on the market that can help you find nice places to stay; these Android apps can be indispensable, especially if you need to book a room in an emergency or find other conveniences while you are on vacation or a business trip.

Hotel Finder

The Hotel Finder app has several features that would be beneficial to the traveler. Firstly it allows travelers to find hotels easily in the particular city of their choice This app offers a comparison feature that allows users to see how each hotel rates as compared to others in a particular city and to get the best prices from online hotel websites.

The app shows a map of hotels that are in the area you want to stay along with photos, descriptions and reviews of the accommodation. Most persons are pleased with the feature that not only lists large hotels but also all accommodation types from 1 star to 5 stars. The major clincher for most business travelers is the flight tracker that allows users to monitor their flight, for delays and cancellation. This feature can be a lifesaver if you miss a flight and need to find somewhere to stay until another flight can be booked.

The developers of this app will be launching a new feature soon that will allow the app to use the GPS to easily find the hotels that are close to them. This app lists hotels in all major countries and cities.  Install/QR Code


The beauty about the Tripadvisor app is that, it is not just another hotel app, but can help you find great restaurants and attractions as well. In fact, you can thoroughly plan the entire trip before leaving home. In this way, you can find the best places to “eat, sleep and play”. This app allows you to peruse a staggering amount of reviews on any hotels, restaurants and attractions before deciding where to go and what to see.

It is a great way to help you make up your mind and to see what other visitors have had to say. You can also write your own reviews, view photos and get advice from visitors who have gone to various destinations in the travel forums. There is a My Save option where you can save hotel, restaurant and attraction pages that you have visited so that you can find those that are of particular interest to you again. This app can be especially useful to bargain hunters and those who insist on finding a nice place to stay. Install/QR Code is a hotel deal-finder for those users who are looking for cheap hotel rooms and those who want to capitalize on some great deals from their favorite hotels. Notable features include the ability to access any reservation you made previously even if you loose data connection. This can be indispensable if you find yourself in a place where your data plan doesn’t work or where it would be too expensive to turn that plan on.

Other features include: find last minute deals to hotels which are close to your present location and a WelcomeRewards feature which records your full account history awards points just as if you are making the booking from your PC. offers users the opportunity to make bookings in 200 countries from a choice of over 130,000 hotels.  Install/QR Code

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