Travel Apps for Android

By Jessica Stark

It’s amazing how much technology has changed the way we plan vacations.

You used to have to go to a travel agent to book your trip or look up numbers in the phone book or travel brochure and make calls to the airline, hotel, restaurants and other destinations.

Those days are long gone. Anyone under the age of 18 has likely never heard of a travel agent or used a phone book — and rightly so.

Here are the best apps to use when planning your summer vacation or business trip:


If you’re looking for a multipurpose app, TripAdvisor is the perfect place to start. It gives you a long list of options for each of the categories you’re looking to plan in your trip, including hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

The app will help you find flights, hotels, attractions and restaurants, in addition to allowing you to book straight through the app. One of the app’s best perks is that it has integrated reviews so you can hear from others what they liked and didn’t like about each of the options you’re considering.



Traveling can be expensive, but can be less so if you find local deals. The Groupon app lets you not only look up deals before you head out, but can also help you find deals while you’re on your trip. This can help you eat out for half price or get discount tickets to museums and cultural events at your destination.


Travel Planner

Handwritten packing lists are horribly outdated, which is why the Travel Planner app is so popular. This app helps you create a checklist for everything you need to pack. Compile the list while you have a few spare minutes, and check items off as you put them in your suitcase to make sure you have every last item you wanted to take with.



Once you have your trip planned out, it’s time to create a comprehensive itinerary. Rather than juggling paper and emails for each element of the trip, just put it all into the TripIt app to get a simple electronic itinerary. By emailing confirmations to your TripIt account, you’ll automatically get an itinerary, including maps of the area and driving directions between locations. You can even email the whole thing to friends and family so they can keep track of you and have your emergency contact info.



When you’re in an unfamiliar place and want some help figuring out what attractions you’re looking at, Wikitude is a great app to guide you. It works through your Android’s GPS sensors, and camera to overlay information about the landmarks, building or monument you are pointing the phone at. The information is pulled from relevant Wikipedia pages that have been geo-tagged to the location in question.



Many persons have intentions of making a scrapbook when they get back from their trip, but it often gets lost in the shuffle of transitioning back into busy everyday life. TripJournal records your GPS coordinates as you’re out and about, creating a map of where you were. It also notes where you took photos and lets you add text descriptions. When you get home, it’s easy to share your trip with others on Google Earth or by uploading photos directly to Facebook.


Getting Android travel apps on your phone beforehand will help each stage of the planning and traveling process go more smoothly. The apps keep you organized, help you save money, and connect you with the best things to do at each destination. There’s no reason to leave home without at least a few of these Android apps.

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