Top Rated Android Apps for Travelers

By Steve McFarlane

For the most part traveling is fun and adventurous, but the fact that it takes us out of our comfort zone ensures that adequate preparation must be made the see to comfort and convenience of yourself and those who travel with you.  The following is a roundup of some of the best Android travel apps that will provide the information and resources to make your next trip awesome.

Easily Find Public Transport (taxi, bus, train)

Especially if you don’t have a chaperone, it is a good idea to have a resource that can show you where to find the taxis, buses and trains. Taxi Magic is an amazing app that allows the traveler to find a cab, track it on its way to them and even pay for the ride without opening their wallet. If, on the other hand, you want to experience the area like the locals do, you may be interested in the HopStop app. It provides detailed information (the location, directions to, arrival and departure times) for buses, subways, trains, trams, ferry, taxis /cabs and local limos services.

Easily Find a Restroom

Walking around while your plumbing is under pressure can be very uncomfortable and in dire situations disconcerting.  Toilet/Bathroom Finder has a database of more than 60,000 toilets in locations all around the world. How accurate the app is, for finding a toilet in a particular location, will depend, in part, on whether or not users in that area have been updating the database that the app relies upon. Nevertheless, you should be able to find multiple listing of toilets and their location for many major cities around the globe.

Speak the Local Language

It is unlikely that one would be verse in all the varied languages of the all the exotic places we dream of traveling to. For that reason a language translator often comes in hand for putting together basic sentences, translating signs and reading menus. Google Translate is one of the best mobile translators available for Android phones, indeed it can translate between more than 50 languages.

Know the Fair Currency Conversion Rate

Don’t get taken to the cleaners when you convert your dollars to the local currency. Ensure that you know the correct or fair market rate before your hand over your cash. Local dealers often make huge profits from the currency trading, being aware of the prevailing market rates not only empowers the travel to know what is a fair deal, but it also gives them the information necessary to effectively negotiate a fair price. Oanda’s Currency Converter app is free and gives real-time access to the price quotes of more than 190+ currencies and metal. In fact the price quotes are the same that is used by banks and currency traders alike.

Find Cheap Gas

If you decide to drive, instead of fly or take public transportation then there is no doubt that you will be keen on finding gas stations that offer the best prices, as well as being aware of where the next station is. Find cheap gas with GasBuddy. GasBuddy is the front-end to a community of users that constantly update a database of gas stations and the price that they charge for regular, premium and diesel fuel.

Find Your Way Around an Unfamiliar City

Finding your way around an unfamiliar city can be challenging. Reduce your need to ask directions or fiddle with local maps by installing a good GPS navigation solution on your Android phone or Tablet. There are many competent mobile navigation applications that a traveler can choose from, but you may not have a need to spend hundreds on a purpose-built solution by downloading and installing a free version of Google Maps onto your Android.

Keep a Handle on your Personal Finances

Knowing exactly how much is available on your credit card or in your checking account can be invaluable if you need to purchase an airline ticket or simply keep track of all your business related expenditure. Mint is one of the most popular personal finance apps for Android devices; millions use it to manage their budgets, and track their expenses as well as keep an eye on their personal bank accounts.

Prepare Yourself for the Weather

Getting caught far from home without the right clothes or equipment may not only cause you discomfort but may have implications for your health and your ability to be productive as well. Keep yourself abreast on the latest weather forecast by installing a good weather related app such as WeatherBug.

Finding Hotels and Places to Eat

If you travel long enough chances are you will need to abandon the reservations to a worst than advertised hotel or restaurant. Find somewhere pleasant to eat and stay with TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor has over 45million reviews and opinions on places to eat, sleep and have fun.

Entertain Yourself

Save your brain from freezing over from boredom by reading a ebook while you wait around for a meeting to start or your flight to arrive. Kindle for Android is one of the best ereaders you can find for your Android phone or tablet. This ebook reader gives its users access to hundreds of thousands of ebooks from the Amazon Bookstore as well as scores of newspapers and magazines.

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