Top Free Android Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Google’s open house policy allows app developers to publish whatever app they desire, in essence ensuring that there are some crappy releases to go along with the real gems. Quite a few applications are re-purposed iPhones apps, while others are mobile software offerings of some popular services, but how do you sort through the avalanche of apps that are available on the Android Marketplace and other online directories to find the real gems?

You can troll the many online Android databases to find great applications for your Droid phone, but we have compiled a list of some of the top Android apps for you. Here there are:

Google Voice
The iPhone versions of this app created a media buzz when Apple rejected this app; perhaps they were afraid of its potential. Google voice gives you an option to unify all your telephone numbers into one number that can be used to ring all your phone numbers at once. You can set which phones will ring depending on the time of day or who is calling. You can place calls (even low rate international calls), send text messages, listen to voicemails and read transcripts. Best of all you number will not change even if you change carriers.

This is a must have radio app for music lovers. Pandora is a streaming “radio station” for the Internet age. This app will even suggest new songs and artist for you to listen to based on the songs you have previously listened to. To keep the service free, Pandora will occasionally display ads but because they are usually localize the ads can be useful.

Let this app listen to a song that is being played for 15 seconds and it will tell you the name of the song and artist. The accuracy/success rate is about 80%. Once you have identified the song you can view the artist’s bio, blog and tour info.

Barcode Scanner
This app turns your Android’s camera into a barcode scanner. Simply scan a product’s UPC code and the app will quickly lookup reviews, prices and other related information online. This is great for helping you figure out if you are getting a great price at a particular retail store and to see what consumers are saying about the product you are considering.

Documents To Go
A great way to read your Word and Excel files on your Droid. You will have to upgrade to the full version ($15) if you want to edit files and work with PowerPoint files as well.

Amazon Kindle
If you aren’t reading all the books you would like to simply because you don’t have an ebook reader with you when you have free time, try the Amazon Kindle app. Because you always have your phone on you will find occasion to read more.

Advanced Task Killer
One of the drawbacks of multitasking phones is that they can and will run programs whether or not they are being used; this draws down on the battery and other system resources. Kill all those tasks that are gobbling up resources (battery life and CPU processing time), including those that are running in the background and making your phone unstable.

Don’t limit your Droid note taking options to typing. Make notes and record everything that is happening in your life with pictures, audio and even videos. Evernote can even be used to sync your notes across several machines and devices.

Places Directory
Especially if you live in a large city, or you are traveling to an unfamiliar location, this handy app can help you to easily find the places that interest you. Find restaurants, movie theaters, hospitals, malls and services near your current location.

Using your phone to work on documents is a convenient way to get work done when you are not before your computer, but you risk loosing your work if the phone is lost or stolen. Dropbox helps you secure those files by backing them up on an ongoing basis. You can sync files between multiple computers (windows, Mac, Linux) and access them with your android phone and even Documents-To-Go.


You probably have had occasion to troll through all your online accounts and address books to find a contact you know you should have, but only found it after much searching. Use Gist to bring together and access all the contacts you have on various computers and web services.

Dial Zero
Like many persons, you should hate listing to a recording while trying to reach a customer service rep. This app helps you to skip through the recordings and reach a human by using a directory of hundreds of US businesses and their toll free numbers.

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