The Best HTC Desire HD Apps

By Steve McFarlane

It is simply enough to browse the Android Market in search of must have apps to make your life a lot more fun and stress free, but with so many apps to choose from, the task can be daunting. Here is a list of some of the best apps to get you started. While this is a list of top apps for the HTC Desire HD, the apps also work on Android phones such as the Samsung Epic, Droid X, Motorola Droid Pro, and Samsung Moment, to name a few.

WiFi AnalyzerWifi Analyzer - Android App

With Wi-Fi being a widely used technology the airwaves can get crowded, as a result, performance can suffer. This app shows the Wi-Fi channels that are active and helps the user to find less crowded ones.

Remote RDP Remote RDP - Top Android App

Use this app to remotely control your desktop or laptop from wherever you can get a network connection. This remote desktop client supports TLS (SSL) encryption and audio recording.

Google GogglesGoogle Goggles

One of the last bastions of search is image search. Use this app to see how far we have come in that regard, by taking a photo and having Google Goggles search the Internet to tell what the picture it is, in essence you can do visual searches.  It also works relatively well for translating foreign language signs.

Dropbox Dropbox

Use this app to sync all your files, across all your devices and computers to ensure that your valuable data can be retrieved if the worst happens (hard drive crash, or your computer is stolen).

Dolphin Browser HDDolphin Browser HD

The default Android browser isn’t that great. Dolphin is simply a better Internet browser for Androids.


Incredibly, this app will listen to a tune or song and tell you the name of the artist and song. This is a must have Android app, if only for the novelty of it.

Advanced Task KillerAdvanced Task Killer

If you use your phone at all, you can be sure that there are performance-impeding apps running in the background. Use this app to find and close all those resource hogs. No list of best apps for the HTC Desire HD would be complete without a task killer.

Barcode Scanner Barcode Scanner

Use this app to scan barcodes and quickly lookup reviews, prices and other related information online.

Documents To Go Documents to Go

Allows you to read, edit and create Word and Excel files from your Android.

ASTRO File ManagerAstro File Manager - Android File Manager

ASTRO is an easy to use Android file manager app.

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