iGo for Android – Review and Install Guide

By Steve McFarlane

iGo Myway for Android is highly rated because of the way it renders navigation information and how well it works, even when compared to other top brands such as Tom Tom. This GPS navigator provides all the information you need without cluttering the screen and as a result the display is clean, beautiful and easy to follow. In essence, the app shows only the information that is relevant to helping you successfully navigate your way.

The User Experience

Once you start moving the app will show a clearly highlighted navigation path with directional arrows; major street names; audio prompts (to indicate when and where to turn) and distances to the next turn. To help you stay on the right path you are shown just major landmarks instead of a clutter of buildings; this helps you focus on getting to where you want to go without being flustered by being presented with a lot of information.

iGo for Android doesn’t just give “turn left” or “turn right here” type instructions, instead it gives natural sounding navigational prompts. For example, on entering a roundabout it will say something like “take the second exit.” If you miss the correct exit the app will recalculate the route and guide you along an alternate route – it will do the same if you find yourself in a traffic jam.

The following video shows iGo for Android in action; towards the end of the video there is a split screen comparison between iGo and TomTom, which shows just how much of a high quality solution iGo is.

How to Install iGo on Android Devices

Because there is no widely available iGo app for Android you can use an application named Motonav to install the iGo onto your Android. The installation steps aren’t difficult, but you will need to do a manual install. You can find the complete installation guide here: Car Navigations.

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