Finding the Cheapest Gas Near Me

By Steve McFarlane

With the unrest in the Middle raging on, we may be stuck with high gas prices for some time to come. Besides purchasing a more fuel-efficient vehicle, changing your driving habits and driving less, there are resources you can use to help you reduce how much you spend on fuel each week. One options is to actively search for the cheap gas stations, in your area.

Gas stations change the prices they charge almost on a daily basis. Therefore, finding the cheapest gas in your area can be challenging, depending on how volatile prices are. If you have Internet access it is possible to check for cheap gas within your area using online resources such as and

However, if you own a smart phone you can easily check for and find the station that is selling fuel at a reasonable price. A good mobile application is GasBuddy. The app lists thousands of gas stations in the USA and Canada (Houston, Phoenix, Ontario, San Diego, Austin, Arizona, NJ, Houston, California, Los Angeles etc.) and the prices that they charge for regular, premium and diesel.

GasBuddy’s database is updated on a continual basis by its user base. While this system works well, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find a listing that isn’t current. Nevertheless, GasBuddy aims to keep all prices current by deleting all updates that are more than 2.5 days old. QR code


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