Best Android Travel Planner Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Travel planner apps are a great way to ensure that all the bases are covered before you go on a trip. They also help the traveler better organize things to reduce some of the stress and hassle that is associated with traveling. The following is a round-up of three of the best Android travel planner apps, which addresses three traveling scenarios namely: travel by car, travel in general travel and traveling with a baby.

Planning for a Car Trip

Car Trip Planner was designed to help travelers pack for a car trip. It is easy to configure to your specific traveling needs and it comes populated with a list of items that you would need to take on a car trip. It makes the planning a little smoother by listing over 235 items you may need while you are traveling by car.

A whole slew of menu options are included within this app, some of them include the rearranging and editing of existing items to suit your particular trip, options to check and uncheck all the items on the list, so that you can use the list again and an option to hide or unhide the list that you wish to use for a particular car trip.

Business Trips and Vacations

This travel planning app comes pre-populated with a very thorough list of things that you would need on a vacation or business trip. The app serves as a virtual reminder of all the things that you may need before and during a business, vacation or road trip. It can be configured to suit your specific tastes, which means that you can include specific items on your list or drop those that aren’t needed.

You may also reuse the list or hide and unhide the list; its all tailored to suit your specific needs. The app does not need Internet connection and comes with a privacy guarantee.

Planning to Take a Baby?

Most parents who travel with babies know what a complex undertaking it is to remember all there is to take for baby, in order to make any trip comfortable. Baby Travel Planner provides a configurable traveling list of everything you need to make you and the baby comfortable.

All the paraphernalia, baby odds and ends that may be needed while traveling with a small child is listed.  The user can save, edit/ delete and customize the list to fulfill their particular need.

A common thread with these three Android apps is that they save the user from retyping traveling lists and also suggest items that may be needed with pre-populated lists. In many cases these may be items that the user may not have thought of before seeing the suggestions. As travel planners go, they are great reminders to ensure that the trip goes well.

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