Best Android Apps for Small Business Owners and Employees

By Steve McFarlane

Software has the power to make things more convenient, life more fun and business activities more productive. From saving money, by planning and reschedule your own business itinerary, to refining a presentation on your Android smart phone here are some great apps for the small business owners or employees.


Being able to pull out a laptop and work wherever you like can seriously increase one’s productivity and effectiveness as a businessperson. Using a tethering solution means that you will not need to have a separate data card for the laptop and another for your cell phone. Unfortunately, cellular service providers aren’t always keen on allowing their customers to tether computers and other network devices.

As a work around, many have resorted to rooting their phones to enable tethering. However, you can save yourself the hassle by installing PdaNet to share your Internet connection with other devices without requiring that you sign up for a tethering plan. Install/QR Code

Documents To Go

Using the relative small screen of the smart phone to create or even edit an Office document may not be the most efficient way to work, but being able to do so can be a life saver if you are on the road and need to review some spreadsheet numbers, edit a proposal before sending it off or make a PowerPoint presentation using an Android device. Documents To Go can:

  • Transfer, and automatically sync documents between your computer and Android via USB
  • Format documents: bold, italics, underline, font color, alignment, bulleted & numbered lists, tables, bookmarks, comments, footnotes, endnotes, track-changes, word count, find & replace, etc.
  • Create, view, edit Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint files
  • View PDF files

Install/QR Code


Even if you have an accountant, being able to always check how much you have to spend can spare you embarrassment and bank charges. Before you try to pay the utility bills, salaries and purchase goods, use Pageonce to check your account balances. Pageonce is a convenient way to manage all your bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts and bills in one place, as well as setup reminders for when bills are due.  Install/QR Code

SMS Backup and Restore

Those who use their phones for business can scarcely afford to loose important information that may be communicated via email and SMS. Use ‘SMS Backup and Restore’ to backup your SMS messages so you can recover them just in case something goes wrong with your phone. Install/QR Code


Good phone ethics dictates that we turn off our phones when going into a meeting, movie, church or courtroom, but sometimes we forget. So that you don’t annoy a business associate, or client, at the next business meeting, use this awesome app to automatically put your phone in silent mode when you reach your client’s office.

Locale can be set to make profile changes to the phone when it senses that you are at a predetermined location. For example, you can tell the app to turn off the ringer and just vibrate when you are at a client’s office; combine it with ‘Astrid Task/Todo List’ and you can set the app to remind you to pickup office supplies the next time you are passing Office Depot. Install/QR Code


This app offers a suite of security features for Android phones and tablets that protects from viruses, malware, Spyware and even theft. If the phone is lost, or misplaced, you can sign-in to your Lookout account and activate an alarm to help you find it, or see the actual GPS coordinates of the device; which, interestingly can also be used to track an employee’ cell phonesInstall/QR Code


We couldn’t conclude our roundup of Android b usiness apps without including a travel app. TripIt is an absolutely must have app for business people who travel. Use it to create a master itinerary for your next trip; synch your calendar and social networking, access maps and route details and sets alarms for places you need to be and people you need to see.

If you upgrade to the Pro version, you can use the app to track your frequent flier miles and rewards points and get alerts on gate changes and flight delays. The Pro version can also be used to find an alternate flight if yours is cancelled. Install/QR Code

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