The Best Android Translators

By Steve McFarlane

Having a good language translation app installed on your phone is no doubt a more convenient and efficient alternative to carrying a translation dictionary. Whether you need a translation app for your next overseas trip, or something to help you learn a new language, the following are the best Android translators available.

TransZilla Translator

TransZilla is a free translator that uses Google Translate and supports more than 50 languages. You can use TransZilla to translate words and sentences by simply typing the text into the input field and clicking GO. The app would have been better if it could give a definition of the word so you could verify the accuracy of the translation, or have a better understanding of what was translated, but It does have a convenient TTS (text-to-speech) feature that will read the translated text to you. You can also translate voice inputs and use the translation in emails or SMS; this is a convenient solution for communication with a client or colleague who doesn’t speak or write your language. QR code

Babylon 2Go Translator

Babylon has long been known as a provider of one of the best offline translation services, so the fact that they offer an translation software for Android devices is good news for its fans. The app gives quick and comprehensive dictionary results and translations between more than 75 languages. In fact, you can translate text and look up the same in the dictionary to get a better understanding of the words in the resulting translation. The app works well, but the interface could use some refreshing. QR code

Google Translate

Use Google Translate to instantly translate text between more than 50 languages. This is the most popular and arguably the best Android translator currently available, not surprisingly it is an official solution from Google itself. Unlike TransZilla, you will be able to see dictionary results for the text you have translated. The app does allow you to enter text via voice input and will even read back the translated text with its text-to-speech feature so you can hear the proper pronunciation. QR code

ColorDict Dictionary Translate

ColorDict truly has one of the best all-in-one dictionaries. It allows for searches to be performed on popular online resources such as Wordnet, StarDict, Google Translate, Google Dictionary and Wikipedia; you can download free dictionaries as well. It would be nice if the app offered an Android offline translator in a similar way that it does for its offline dictionary. QR code

Universal Translator

This app is also based on the Google Translator api, that means you get support for scores of languages, text-to-speech and accurate translations. Even so, that app also uses content from other resources such as Bing. That in mind, you may choose this app over Google Translator if you prefer the app’s interface. Notable features include: the ability to translate SMS, voice recognition and voice synthesis. QR code

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