Android Flight Tracker and Flight Status App

By Steve McFarlane

Knowing what is happening with the flight you are suppose to be catching can help you to make alternate plans if it is cancelled or delayed. Flight tracking apps aren’t always 100% accurate, but we believe these are among the best that are available.

American Airlines (free)

This Android flight status app is ideal for those who frequently fly on American Airlines. Open up the app to see the status of your flight (arrival and departure times), gate number and seat number along with any delay or cancellation information that may pertain to your flight. You can also use the app as a boarding pass to get on the plane.

Airport parking lots can be huge, so the inclusion of a parking feature is a great way to find your car in a vast airport parking lot once you are ready for it. Other ways you can use the app include:

  • Monitor your place on the standby list
  • Play Sudoku while you wait
  • Create flight status notifications
  • View terminal maps
  • Locate the nearest service airport
  • Access your Aadvantage account
  • Track Your Elite Status Progress

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FlightStats for Android

Like the other flight tracking apps covered here, you can use FlightStats to view flight information and automatically get flight status updates using, or use the app to track flights in US and European airspaces with an animation that shows an approximate location of the plane on a map. You can also view weather conditions at airports of interest to you or look for alternative flights if yours is canceled or missed, and while you are at it save those that you are interested in for easy one button reference in the future.

If you get the TripIt update you will be able to import itineraries from your TripIt® account making it easier to capture flights, hotels, and car rental details, view your flight’s status, confirmation codes and much more. The app also comes with a widget so you can view flight status updates from the home screen. QR Code

FlightView Free Flight Tracker (free)

Especially if you are a frequent flyer you will appreciate the multiple trip planner that this app offers. You can enter details of all the trips you plan to take over the next couple of months and have the app alert you if there is a change in the flight status of any of your planned flights. Perhaps the neatest feature of the app is the airport map that shows a delayed status of the flight you are interested in. QR Code

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