Android Apps for Finding Gas Stations and Cheap Gas

By Steve McFarlane

Besides driving less aggressively and making fewer road trips, there are things consumers can do to reduce how much they pay for gasoline, not least among which is finding a gas station that sells at a good price. If you just need to find the nearest gas station with little concern for price, you can always try Yelp or Layer applications. However, if you want to find the cheapest gas at a nearby gas station, here are some Google Android apps that were designed to help consumers do just that.

GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas

GasBuddy is the front-end to a community of users who help others find the best gas prices at gas stations around the country. The app lists gas stations that are closest to the user’s current location, and the prices that the stations are currently selling fuel at.  The prices and stations can be sorted by fuel type (regular, midrange, premium and diesel).GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas - Map Gas Prices

The list can be sorted by distance to the station and will reveal when last the price was updated. This is not only an app for frugal and price conscious motorists, but it is also a great app for gas station managers who want to keep an eye on their competitors. We think this is the best app for finding cheap gas. QR Code.

Cheap Gas Finder by Murphy USA

This app is far below par. This app is great if you are a loyal Murphy USA customer. Other motorist should look elsewhere if they want a really good cheap gas price finder Cheap Gas Finder by Murphy USA - Android Gas Appapp. Not only are the prices often incorrect, and many days out of date, the app doesn’t even list prices for diesel and premium petrol. QR code.

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  • GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas – Map Gas Prices
  • Cheap Gas Finder by Murphy USA – Android Gas App
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