Top 3 Android GPS Logger Apps

By Steve McFarlane

If you want a GPS app chances are you are looking for a feature rich solution that can record tracks/routes, POI (points of interests), and all the data related to speed, altitude and distance. One feature you may be interested in is the ability to record tracks (online and offline modes) as well as the ability to help you navigate your way back through, and to an original route. There are quite a few Android GPS loggers available on the Market, but we believe these are the best of the bunch.

Locus Pro ($5.51)

This is a great solution for those who need offline and online mapping solution for hiking, biking or geocaching. In fact, it is hard to think of many outdoor activities for which Locus Pro would not serve well. This Android GPS app can handle many types of online maps (OpenStreet, Freemap and ArcGIS)s. It can also store mapping information for offline use and can just as well import and export data (GPX, KML and LOC file types) whether it is recorded tracks or POIs.

Despite the fact that Locus Pro is already a competent GPS solution, the app’s feature set can be expanded with 3rd party applications such as Google Places, Navigon, Google Street View, etc. One of Locus’ most popular features is its sounds and visual alerts that indicate when you are nearing a point of interest. The feature can also be used to guide you along a track or can simply be used to help you find base camp and can be used as a parking app. Install/QR Code

OruxMaps (free)

This Android GPS logger supports Google, OpenStreet, and Microsoft maps in online mode. OruxMaps also has an offline mode which should be handy for those who have a habit of straying off the beaten path. While you are on your trek/trip you can also record your tracks using the GPS. Unfortunately, while the app has lots of features some users think the interface is a bit complicated and may be a hassle who for those who aren’t comfortable with technology, we think you can get use to the interface quite easily. Install/QR Code

Move! Bike Computer (free)

This oddly named application was designed as a GPS logger to record data for any outdoor activity where information on speed, distance and routing is important. After returning from your trip you can upload data from the app and analyze it on Google Earth or a compatible mapping application.

The app records current speed, pace, maximum speed, average speed, idle time, total uphills, total downhills, visible/fixed satellites, and also has the ability to record tracks.  Install/QR Code


This list was compiled after reviewing the feature set, reliability, user satisfaction and the general look and feel of the app.

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