The Best Android Tablets with GPS

By Steve McFarlane

The market is flooded with GPS navigation devices including in-car navigation units from Garmin and software solutions for Blackberry, Android and the iOS platform.  While consumers love their gadgets, the novelty of having the latest and greatest device often wears off pretty quickly leaving consumers wanting a solution that integrates the features they want the most into one device.

Multi-function devices reduce the number gadgets that consumers have to carry around. For example, a GPS-enabled Tablet eliminates the need for an in-car navigation device and a separate Tablet, provided that the size of the device is right. Here are some Android Tablets with GPS already integrated.

Archos 5 (from $229)

The Archos 5 has a vibrant 5” display that’s not only great for watching the hours of video it can store, but it also make the Archos a great in-car navigation devices as well. For now the Archos 5 five is one of the few Android Tablets with GPS but it does a very good job in that role, especially when paired with the in-car GPS cradle. Its cell phone dimensions (143.2 x 78,8 x 10.4 mm) also make it a handy hand-held navigation unit as well.

This device’s claim to fame is its support of a large number of media formats including: AVI, WMV, MPEG4, and Flash video content. The Archos 5 Tablet also plays 720p video from WMV HD, MPEG4, and MPEG-2 files (including VOB and DivX formats), but you will need to spend an extra $20 for a software plug-in to get the feature.

Other notable features include:

  • Flash video and game compatibilityArchos 5 – GPS-enabled Android Tablet
  • A PDF reader
  • Mac and PC compatibility
  • Built-in speaker
  • GPS
  • 3G capabilities
  • High-resolution touch-screen display
  • Wi-Fi, music playback
  • Integrated kickstand
  • Optional DVR

Motorola Xoom (from $599)

The Motorola Xoom is a rather large device to have mounted as an in-car navigation device, but it should be a dream for anyone who is serving as co-pilot. The Motorola is the strongest competitor to the iPad so far and also one of the few OEM Android Tablets with GPS, 3G and 4G support.  This GPS enabled Tablet also has some other impressive specifications including:

  • 10.1-inch screen
  • Front and rear facing cameras
  • Dual LED flashMotorola Xoom - Android Tablets with GPS
  • HD 720p video capture and playback
  • HDMI output
  • A 1Ghz dual-core processor
  • Adobe Flash support
  • GPS and Location services (eCompass, and aGPS)
  • 32MB onboard memory
  • A barometer
  • Battery (9hrs over 3G, 10hrs over WiFi and 10hrs video playback)

You can find a full spec sheet for this GPS enabled Android Tablet at the Motorola site.

Other Android GPS Tablets

If you aren’t too picky about brand names, there are host of Chinese made Tablet PCs that have GPS, 3G and even WiFi features. Unfortunately, you will have to contend with substandard engineering, weightier devices and an under whelming user experience – the Flytouch 2 and Infortm X220 are a good examples.

If you are not loyal to the Android platform you can also checkout the HP TouchPad, it is a GPS capable Tablet as well.


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17 Responses to “The Best Android Tablets with GPS”


Kudos to you! I hadn’t thohgut of that!

Steve @ Android Phone Tracker

This market is moving so fast, that is almost impossible to have a list that remains relevant past a few weeks.

Michael Tomkins

Do you know if the new Sony pad supports GPS

Steve McFarlane

Are you talking about the Sony Tablet S? If so I have not seen anything that suggests it has GPS support.

Does that answer your question?


I do not have a smart phone. Will I need 3g to utilize the GPS on a tablet or will it work with wi-fi only. Thank you.

Steve McFarlane

By and large the two technologies are independent. The GPS should work whether or not you have 3G or wi-fi.


Hello! I’m looking in to using Android tablets for data collection using Open Data Kit for an Agriculture program in Haiti, but it’s very important that the tablets have accurate GPS capabilities as it’s either a GPS device or a tablet – we can’t afford both. We will be in a very remote area, with some network coverage (EDGE, no wifi) and will be taking the GPS points for each of the farmers’ plots for GIS mapping. Would you happen to know if there is any tablet on the market that has an accurate GPS, as good as a handheld GPS device? OR, should we look into an Android phone instead, such as the HTC My Touch 3G Slide?

Thanks for your help!


there are apps that download the map. 3G for a gps is plain dumb.

ok if you already have, but just for gps, No.


Do not buy anything from, I bought a tablet over a year ago and it did not work at all.

You have to send it back to china and it costs around $45 in shipping and they only refund you in paypal

buyer beware.

judy a

Can I buy a tablet that will have a gps that would work in Italy? I would like not to have any fees like roaming etc.. and it should talk.
Judy A

Doug Mecham

Re: Sony S Tablet with GPS
Sony technical support says there IS an on board GPS receiver for accuracy which integrates with navigation software that is downloaded.

Interesting that the Sony S Tablet user manual discusses GPS and talks about the “antenna” and “satellites” so perhaps theSony does have an on board GPS receiver.



We are traveling to northern Europe and Russia soon. We need a device that can support email/Internet and also true GPS (without Internet access). Want something small enough to carry while walking. Don’t care about a camera. What would you recommend?


Well DO not know if i akm too lat to the dance but I have bought the Sony S for my wife and it is a contendor in this since it has GPS and ICE Cream Sandwich and a Price less than $400 on discount. I need one for me. I am still looking at the 7″ and 5″ tablets but with over 50 year old eyes I am not relishing the reading on a smaller screen. I am thinking that with the proper shoulder case I can justify carrying a 10 inch screen ( I have had it looking at the EVO 4g screen with all that zooming and scrolling). There are many windsheild mounts for tablets and the Galaxy 7 and 10 inch have sun hoods avaialable also. Don’t forget to also insist on Bluetooth for a tablet that is to do GPS since you may want to use it as a bluetooth connected mp3 player or as I am doing, hitching up to an elm compliant bluetooth OBD II car computer reader so that my cars engine can be monitored. ( on my wish list for 15 years now)


Need some help guys. I’m looking for a 7″ tablet with GPS, HDMI, WiFi and apps like Netflix. Any suggestions? I don’t care what OS it runs on but would like to stay in the 7″ size.


Just to make sure people don’t get confused by this article: The HP Touchpad (wifi) doesn’t have a GPS unit. The 4G HP Touchpads do, but those were never sold via retail channels.

Dinesh AV

Try freelander pd20 great version GPS+tablet,its really worth for its price…its not a branded one but good for navigation+entertaintment…..


THANKS STEVE! ima check out that HP tab

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