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By Steve McFarlane

Cell service is not a luxury that is available in some rural areas, which means that having an offline mapping solution is a necessity, not to mention the fact that maintaining a connection to a cell tower can really sap the phone’s batteries. Offline GPS maps great for hiking, hunting, kayaking, snow shoeing and backpacking. This is a list review of the best Android offline map apps.

You can download any of these Android offline GPS apps by scanning the QR Code with a barcode scanner app.

This offline map viewer is a favorite of many trekkers and backcountry hikers. You simply define an area you want to cache and download the map to offline mode.  The app works well as an offline GPS logger as well, so you can trace your way back to POI (points of qr Locusinterest) such as a parked car or a favorite camping spot. Other standout features include:

  • Support for offline geocaching
  • Support for Bluetooth GPS
  • Google street view
  • Support for Groundspeak PocketQuery
  • Parking service
  • 39 types of online maps (Online maps including OSM, Google, Yahoo, Bing and OVI/Nokia

OruxMapsqr OruxMaps

This is also a map viewer and route logger app that can operate in both online and offline navigation modes; the app also includes topographical maps. For the app to work in offline mode you will need to calibrate the online maps with the application, but once you have done so you can do such things as log your tracks or go trekking far from the cell towers.  OruxMaps works very well as an offline mapping solution but the interface could be a bit more user friendly. Nonetheless, this is still one of the top Android offline GPS solution on the market.

Maverickqr - Maverick Pro

Just like the other maps here, Maverick allows you to access maps on your phone without an Internet connection. Maverick will automatically cache all your maps for offline use and has other great features including:

  • The ability to share an address, GPS coordinates and map links
  • Record tracks and waypoints
  • Computations trip related figures such as average speed and altitude.

BackCountry Navigator PROqr - BackCountry Navigator PRO

The BackCountry Navigator offers offline topo maps without the need for cell service, which makes it a good support app for geocaching. You can preload aerial photos, road maps and save them to your SD card so you can access them when you need to go on some GPS adventure. You can also add custom GPS waypoints (longitude and Latitude) and access UTM or MGRS grid references, as well as import GPX files.

Built in sources include:

  • OpenStreetMaps and NASA landsat data worldwide.
  • topo maps of US and Canada.
  • USGS Color Aerial photography.
  • UK Ordinance Survey Explorer Maps.
  • Topographic Maps of Spain and Italy.
  • Outdoor maps of Germany and Austria
  • Topo maps of New Zealand

There are other Android apps that support offline maps. The following article highlights other very good options you can also consider: How to Install/Setup Android Offline Maps

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One more app providing offline maps have been launched on Android Market recently – MapsWithMe app.
– Maps of all the world
– GPS positioning
– Based on OpenStreetMaps
Best of all, it works really fast and free. Worth trying.
Android Market link



Sorry for the Noob question but, do those applications allow me to see where I am in real-time even without cell phone coverage ? I would like to define my path before going out for a hike, then see in real time if I’m still following the good path. And that in plan mode to avoid battery, with just GPS on. Is that possible ?

Thanks in advance.


OsmAnd. Offline maps of specific regions you can choose from and GPS navigation. MapsWithMe is far too large for internal storage.

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