Best Android Geocaching Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Geocaching is growing more popular it seems by the day, and even more so with the arrival of cost effective and free GPS tools. There are quite a bit of Android geocaching applications on the market, but dug through our resources to find the most popular and top rated Android geocache apps that are currently available.

This is a roundup of the best geocaching apps for Android devices.  You can download any of these geocaching applications by scanning the QR Code with a barcode scanner app.

GeoBeagle: Geocachingqr GeoBeagle Geocaching

This free Android geocaching app was designed to store and wirelessly update thousands of geocaches with logs and field notes. You can download caches using or directly import gpx files. The app would have been a strong recommendation had it not been for the issues with uploading geocaches and ease of use issues.

c:geo ~ geocaching for Android qr - c geo -geocaching for Android

Perhaps the most popular and highly rated Android geocaching software is c:geo. Many consider the c:geo to be the best offline Android geocache map app because of how simple it is to search for geocaches and sort via proximity as well as make field notes and logs. As is the case with many Android apps, updates can cause c:geo to have some issues, but a reinstall often fixes most of those problems.

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