Top Android Food Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Whether done for sustenance, or for pleasure, finding good or even great food is a matter that no stomach will allow you to forget.

This is a roundup of Android food apps that can help you plan a meal, find great places to eat, or record what you have been eating.


If you are not in the mood to cook, there are quite a few food apps you can use to find a good place to eat, but one of the best is Yelp. Truthfully, Yelp is more than an Android restaurant finder, you can also use it to find a place to stay, bars, drugstores, banks and nearly everything else.

Yelp also uses AR (augmented reality) to help you find great restaurants. Do a search and the app will show a map of restaurants you may be interested in — each restaurant is represented by a small bubble that you can tap on to see its: ratings, opening times, menu items, a contact numbers and price ranges.

If you are in the mood to explore, you can use the AR feature to identify restaurants that are close by. Once the feature is activated the app will display icons to represent food establishments that are in the direction you are pointing the phone. QR Code


It happens to all of us, we are not in the mood to cook, but can’t quite decide what we want to eat or where we want to eat. Urbanspoon provides a solution of sorts by suggesting some of the best eateries that are close by.

To get a suggestion simply open the app and shake the phone and it will give you a list of restaurants you can try base on their distance from your current location. You can also find eateries in distant places by manually setting a location and having the app find places that are close to that location. This is a great feature you can use to find a good restaurant in another city even before you leave home. QR Code

Recipe Search

If you have ever felt like making a dish that includes a particular ingredient, but aren’t sure about the recipe, you may find ‘Recipe Search’ useful.

You can browse thousands (well over 70k) recipes in categories such as main dishes, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, ethnic recipes, soups, stews and diet recipes.

You can also browse by top recipes or newest recipes, but we think you will love the single ingredient recipe suggestion feature. This feature allows you to find a recipe based on a single ingredient, which is great for using what you currently have in the fridge to make a tasty meal. QR Code

Food Additives

Even if you are not super health conscious, it helps to know what is in the foods you buy and eat. ‘Food Additives’ provides information on the ingredients that are in the foods we eat and the way those ingredients affect our health.

Though the app has some translation issues, it is still a good resource. The next time you are in the grocery store use this app to check ingredients you are not sure about, you will be surprised what you find. QR Code

Diet Assistant – Weight Loss

Proper meal planning will inevitably come around to managing portion sizes, nutrition and counting calories. It doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds though, well, that is if you have the right app.

Diet Assistant is a dieting tool for people who want to better manage their weight as well as have a healthy lifestyle. Use Diet Assistant as a personal dietitians to plan how much nutrients you take in as well as track and graph how your eating habits contributes to your weight loss or gain. QR Code

Ingredients Substitutes

If you are using the Food Additives app it is very likely that you will come across an ingredient that your conscience will demand that you boot from your diet. In such instances you can use this app to find alternatives to the ingredients you want to replace.

That said, this app is most useful to vegetarians, especially vegans who constantly face the challenge of finding good alternatives to some popular ingredients that make traditional foods look and taste good. Ingredients Substitutes aims to solve this problem by presenting substitutes to 150 popular ingredients.

This app is a great concept, but it is hard to justify paying anything for a list of 150 ingredients and their substitutes, especially when a simply Google search can reveal the same.

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