Top 3 Android Calorie Intake and Weight Loss Tracking Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Meeting and staying current with your weight management goals can be challenging, especially if you don’t prepare and don’t know what is the meals that you eat while away from home.  Hell, it is even challenging to track the calories you are having when you prepare your own meals. Change that by using one of these Android apps to track the nutritional value of thousand food items, from a peaches purchased at a farmers market to a turkey sandwich purchased at a fast food store.

Calorie Counter by FatSecretCalorie Counter by FatSecret  - Android App

This is a simple tool to find the nutritional facts of the foods you eat.  With FatSecret you can scan the barcode of food items to discover their fat content, calorie count and other important nutritional information. Once you have the app you can track what you eat with a diet journal, monitor the progress of your exercise routine and even build a Diet Calendar. The app is free to download and use.  Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2

Diet & Food TrackerDiet & Food Tracker QR code - Droid Weight tracking app

This diet management software is provided by, a popular diet and fitness planning website.  The app helps you keep a detailed record of the foods you eat as well as the nutritional value of those foods (calories, carbs, fat, protein etc).  Diet & Food Tracker can also track how many calories you have eaten and burnt while all along telling you how much more you need to eat to maintain your weight, or how many calories you need to burn to meet your daily weight loss goal. Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2.


This app allows you to track the number of calories you have eaten, the amount you have lost through MyFitnessPal Android App qrcodeexercise and track the net of those two figures, to see if you are meeting your goals.  Need to know how many calories are in a banana or a chicken breast sandwich? You can start by searching MyFitnesspal’s database of more than 425, 000 foods/products. From there you can add them to your diary and later view your weight gain/loss progress report in a graph. Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2


Whether you are looking for a simple calories burned calculator or a fast food calorie counter, these apps will help you keep a diary of what you are eating, reveal nutritional facts about thousands of products as well as help you monitor your weight gain or loss goals.  Some apps are even linked to an online community of like-minded persons so you can get the help to motivate yourself if you start slacking off.  It is indeed amazing that these apps offer so much for free.

Diet & Food Tracker

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