The Best Diabetes Apps for Android

By Steve McFarlane

Sometimes diabetics just need the right tools to help them manage their medication condition. It is critical that diabetics take their medications on time and keep a record of results there are getting through their exercise routines, dietary program and medication regime.  In other cases they just need a tool that can remind them when it is time to stop and see to their health.  Here are some Android apps for diabetics that can be used to keep appropriate records, logs and provide alerts.

Track3 Diabetes Planner

Diabetics can use this apps to track their exercise routing, food intake, glucose and insulin levels. Notable features include:

  • Calories and carbohydrate values for 80,000 plus foodsTrack3 diabetes planner - Android App for Diabetic
  • No monthly fees
  • Supports mg/dl or mmol/L units
  • Customization lists for favorite exercise, insulin and medications.
  • Glucose tracking charts

The app’s interface is a little clunky though, and the fact that you can only record meals in the standard size is a major limitation, especially when the user wants to record a fraction of a standard serving size that the app uses. However, the apps does allow the user to record the number of standard servings taken per meal. The app costs $6.99.


This is perhaps the best Android diabetes app you will find. This Android app allow diabetics to track their glucose levels, exercise routine, food intake and other factors that have a bearing on their health. The application is not merely a data log, but it can also be used to generate reports and graphs.  OnTrack can also be used to store information on the medications that are being taken and when those medications were taken. This can be useful information to share with a physician to help him or her better decide on what drugs to prescribe.

Notable features include:Ontrack applications for Diabetics

  • Support for international (mmo/l) and US (mg/dl) glucose units.
  • The option to export data in a variety of non-proprietary formats including HTML, CSV, and XML.
  • The ability to tag each entry with a category such as breakfast, lunch, and snack.
  • The ability to rename, remove and add categories such as medications and exercise types as is deemed necessary by the user.
  • A detailed log book with tables and graphs that suitable for sharing with one’s doctor.
  • Automatically have OnTrack select the right category for new entries, based on time of day.
  • Activate reminders. For example, remind yourself to take a test two hours after eating food.
  • Data backup and restore functionality.

The app is free to download and use.

KeepTrackKeepTrack - Android Medical App

This app can be use to track blood sugar levels, your weight and when you should take your medications. This is actually a great way to store information and share it with a doctor. Some of the values that can be stored include: blood sugar levels, weight and training results. The app will also remind the carrier when it is time to enter data, so there is no lapse in the record keeping process due to forgetfulness. This free medical app can be downloaded from this link.

AgileDiabetesAgileDiabetes - Android App for Diabetics

This is simple app for people with diabetes that can also be used to track and graph blood glucose levels. With its large buttons and intuitive layout, AgileDiabetes is easy to use, but the meager splattering of features limits it usefulness beyond being a data logger. However, once data is in the app it can be easily emailed to anyone, including a physician. Despite its simplicity the app is not free, though the charge is a peasant $0.99.


This roundup included the best Android apps for diabetics that we could find, but there are others out there, not least of which is: Food Street-Diabetic, Diabetes Manager, Diabetes Log, and Insulin Calculator.

Image Credits: Each image is the property of the respective app developer

KeepTrack – Android Medical App

AgileDiabetes – Android App for Diabetics

OnTrack – Applications for Diabetics

Track3 diabetes planner – Android App for Diabetic

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9 Responses to “The Best Diabetes Apps for Android”

Ren Concio

You may want to check out a new Android App now in Google Play. It is called “Glucowiz.” It not only tracks the glucose, exercise minutes, carbs, labs, etc. It is the only app that analyzes the inter-relationships between these variables and offers recommendations to discuss with your endocrinologist. Check it out.


I use MedDose- medication reminder. it’s for free. Nice app. Reminders work great. I use it daily. You can find it on android market.


I’ve been diagnosed recently with type one. I started to use OnTrack and found it really really helpful. Reminders are good for insulin etc and I can add BG test results so fast with the quick add function. Would strongly recommend it!

Steve McFarlane

Thanks for the input… All the best


Thanks for this information Mr. McFarlane.


Steve McFarlane,

Thank you for the info. I have reviewed the “On Track Diabetes” App, as well as several others. I have also purchased and tried using a few other different diabetes or health apps such as: “My Medical Info”, and “IBP-Blood Pressure” (which can be used to also track glucose data). Previously however, I used a windows phone and still today I think “Sparkle Health Manager” by Sparkle Solutions is by far the best app for me. Although it provides assistance for much more than diabetes, it is the best for me, as I also need to track and manage high blood pressure. At this time I am patiently awaiting to see if the company will develop or port the app to an android version. If and when they do, I will certainly consider purchasing it. I greatly value all of the features this app provides. You might want to check it out if you haven’t yet!

Again, thank you, take care and cheers!


I’m an author of an app called Diabetes. It’s better to check it out with the link
I find it as the easiest in use app in the market with some unique feature called Tags, which allows you to mark your measurements however you like.


Can I download onTrack for the android emulator?


Update: “Sparkle Health Manager” is now available for Android and can be downloaded from Google Play.

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