The Best Android Apps for Vegetarians

By Steve McFarlane

The vegetarian lifestyle provides a rich mix of nutritious and healthy foods for those who are conscious about what they put in their bodies. Admittedly, ensuring that one is on a well-balanced diet can be challenging for the new vegetarian or vegan. We have compiled a review list of Android vegetarian apps that are great for the newbie, die-hard vegetarian and those who are simply health conscious.


Animal-Free allows vegans to follow their strict dietary preference by helping them to choose products that are completely free of animal products. Animal-Free is a full-featured pocket reference and guide to many common and hidden animal ingredients as well as commonly misunderstood vegan ingredients. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, part-time veg, or simply trying to shop veg-friendly, Animal-Free will help you make conscientious shopping decisions.

We like this app but think it could be better if it could scan the ingredients list and categorize what is good, bad or animal-based. QR code

E Numbers Calc

Some ingredients and food additives are safe, others are marginally so, while there are others you will want to exclude from your diet based on your personal preference. Like Animal-Free, this app will help you figure out what is in the foods that you consumed on a regular basis.

With the E Calculator, you can find the additive by its E number (European Food Safety Authority identification number) very quickly, or you can search by name. E numbers are categorized from 1 (good) to 5 (dangerous), to give you an idea about their safety or health risks. The app will tell you if the ingredient is suspected of causing cancer, triggering allergies and hyperactivity or other side effects. QR code

Ingredient Substitutes

One of the challenges that vegetarians and especially vegans face is finding good alternatives to some popular ingredients that make traditional foods look and taste good. Ingredients Substitutes aims to solve this problem by presenting substitutes to 150 popular ingredients.
This app is a great concept, but it is hard to justify paying anything for a list of 150 ingredients and their substitutes, especially when a simply Google search can reveal the same. QR code

HappyCow VeginOut Free

Make more cows and chickens happy by downloading and using this app. With HappyCow you can find health food stores, vegetarian restaurants, and other vegetarian friendly businesses near your current location. You can also enter a location manually so you can plan where you are going to eat before you get there.

The app provides a list or map of vegan & vegetarian restaurants in 90+ countries including:
USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan (Tokyo), some of Malaysia, Brazil, Bangkok (Thailand), Hong Kong, and Singapore. The app’s database is user generated so you too can contribute by entering locations of veg-friendly restaurants.  QR code

Diet Assistant – Weight Loss

Without a doubt, this is one of the most highly rated diet planner that is available for Android. Not only does the app help you track and graph your weight and health profile, it can also be used to plan your meals and plan your shopping list as well. The app is a good solution for vegetarians because it allows the user to specify his or her preference so the app can recommend a meal/diet plan to suit their needs and preference. Here is a list of some of Diet Assistant’s best features:

  • Helps you choose the right food combinations
  • Personalized diet plans to suit your needs, taste and preferences
  • Shopping / Grocery list
  • Nutrition facts
  • Weight-loss manager & tracker (kilograms, pounds or stones)
  • Built-in BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator
  • Profile – set goals using your age, gender and activity level
  • Personal pocket-size weight-loss manager
  • Weight Chart / Graph
  • Home screen widget
  • Customizable alerts
  • Diet and weight-loss tips / tricks

QR code


This vegetarian app presents a list of modern vege cuisine. In addition to the recipes that are already available in the app, a new recipe is added for you to try. I haven’t personally tried the recipes that this app has, but if the user reviews are anything to go by they are pretty good. QR code

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Kayla W.

LOVED this article! Haven’t seen anything else out there that’s helpful for veg-heads! Thanks so much 🙂

Steve McFarlane

Thanks for the feedback Kayla; are glad you found the article helpful.


Some great apps listed here, thanks for this!

Steve McFarlane

Thanks Cheree. Are you a vegetarian?


Hi Steve, yes I am a vegetarian, have been for the last 18 years!


“strict dietary preferences”?

Makes those who don’t eat animal flesh sound like dominatrices.


There’s also VegPeople app!!!
It’s a really nice app, it show how many famous people are Veg*n.

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