The Best Android Apps for Medical Students

By Steve McFarlane

We know that medical students are mostly concerned with applying themselves to getting good grades and becoming effective medical practitioners, so we thought of compiling a list of the best Android apps that can make the lives of med students a bit easier and studying more convenient.

This list highlights some of the best mobile medical references, medical calculators, drug references and nursing apps. You can download any of these medical applications by scanning the QR Code with a barcode scanner app.

USA Graduate School: Medical

This app provides a wealth of information for those who are trying to get into medical school and those who want to specialize at a graduate medical school in the USA. The app gives an overview; contact information; cost; ranking and a research score for each school qr - USA Graduate School - Medicalthat it lists. The app can be used to find graduate medical schools that specializes in Internal medicine, Primary Care, Pediatrics, Rural medicine, AIDS, Drug and alcohol abuse, Family medicine, Geriatrics, Women’s Health among others.


This Rx reference application was designed as a handbook to help nurses to safely administer more than 3,000 brand name, and over 1,000 generic drugs. The Nursing Drug Handbook has a strong focus on patient safety, and to that end it also gives important instructions on how to monitor patients who had been given certain drugs. While this medication reference delivers on what it promises, the app is a 7-day trial, after which you will be asked to pay $29.99. Fortunately, we have identified some alternatives that are even more resourceful and in some instances free.

Mini Nurse – Lite

If you are a first or second year nursing student this app was made for you. The app contains information on calculating dosages, medical abbreviations and suffixes. Mini Nurse Lite has a medical dictionary–some users may regard the information it contains to a bit elementary, but it is still a good resource for med students. Students will be quite happy to know that this app is free to download and use.


We think Medscape is perhaps the best Android app for medical students in that it provides such a comprehensive medical resource. qr MedscapeThis free app has:

  • Fast and comprehensive drug reference, not only for generic and branded drugs but herbals and supplements as well.
  • A drug interaction checker
  • In-depth disease and condition Reference and treatment guide
  • Procedures reference
  • Tables and protocols reference
  • Daily medical news and alerts from Continuing Medical Education (CME/CE)
  • Physician, pharmacy, and hospital directories
  • Offline access to the clinical reference (no Internet connection required)

Glasgow Coma Scaleqr Glasgow Coma Scale

If you calculate GCSs on a daily basis you may find this assessment tool handy. The app asks a series of assessment questions, which the user answers in order for the app to calculate a consciousness score. It would be better had the fonts been larger but the app works well.  We recommend this Android Glasgow Coma Scale Score calculator for recent graduates of medical schools, as well as med students.

Mediquation Medical Calculatorqr Mediquation Medical Calculator

You can find other medical software that has an integrated medical calculator, but this app works so much better. This Android medical calculator has over 229 formulas and scoring tools and makes it easy for medical personnel to use it by presenting an intuitive interface. You simply search for the equation you want to use, enter the required values and the app will present the results to you with no need, on your part, to remember complex formulas or perform tedious calculations.

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  • USA Graduate School: Medical – Android apps for medical students
  • Nursing Drug Handbook – Apps for Med students
  • Medscape –  Android Drug and Herbs Reference
  • Mini Nurse – Lite – Android Apps for Nurses
  • Glasgow Coma Scale – Android coma scale calculator
  • Mediquation Medical Calculator – Android medical calculator
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