Fertility Calculator and Calendar Apps for Women

By Steve McFarlane

It is a fact that some women get a little confused about their fertility cycle and would welcome some gentle reminders when it is a specific time of the month. Fertility apps are a great way to keep track of the fertility cycle. The following are three apps that do a pretty good job of keeping track of some very important dates in a woman’s life.

WomanLog Calendar for Android

WomanLog is a menstrual and fertility calculator and calendar for women. The user interface supports 15 different languages and is praised by many women for its password protection feature, which means that tracking a woman’s important dates can remain a private matter, if one so desire. Other features include, tracking of the menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertility forecasting, cervical mucus monitoring and best of all notifications, which means that you will never have to miss a particular date again. There are several other useful features on this app, like statistics and data backup.

Pink Pad Pro

Comes with some innovative design features such as notebook planner with audio and some very attractive skins such as animal print, summer, winter and a few others. The app allows women from all over the world to connect and exchange lifestyle issues if they so desire, so you can post and receive messages about pregnancy, health, fashion and more.

Best of all though, is the fertility tracking feature that makes this app a favorite among women, it predicts fertile and ovulation day, based on the dates you enter. It can also be used to record various health related issues such as body temperature, the woman’s mood, moments of intimacy, spotting, and other menstrual related matters based on user input. It is a great planning tool for women whose periods aren’t as predictable as others and even has charts so one can have a visual representation of how things are progressing.

My Period and Ovulation Tracker

Like the other two apps we covered, this fertility app can be used to track period related information such as each instance that you take a pill, what your mood was like on a particular day, what your weight was at a particular day in the month and when you had sex.  It also has some cool features that can be used to predict one’s: menstruation period, period length, and probable ovulation days. If you are concerned that someone may see the information you store in the app, you can password protect it to protect your privacy.

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