Can this App Prevent you from Getting Brain Cancer?

By Steve McFarlane

Whether you think it is a scare tactic that overly sensitive environmentalists use to make us uncomfortable using our phones, or you genuinely believe that cell phone use can cause brain cancer, we are sure you have wondered if there is some truth to the claim that cell phones can actually cause health issues.


We just came across an interesting app called tawkon that can measure your Android phone’s radiation level and even warn you to switch to speakerphone or use a headset when the radiation levels are too high or are reaching unsafe levels.


In addition to giving alerts, this Android radiation app also charts how much radiation you have been exposed to during the last call, over the past week, month and so on.  The app even reports how much radiation you were exposed to based on the phone’s orientation, bluetooth and speakerphone use. The app is free and can be download using this QR code.


See the radiation meter in action below:

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