Best Android Fitness and Workout Apps

By Steve McFarlane

If you are serious about attaining a reasonable level of fitness, or you just want to ensure that you look and feel the best you can, you may be looking to employ every tool you can to improve your fitness. If you own an Android you can use these apps to track and record important stats related to your level of fitness and the steps you are taking along that road.

Workout, Fitness and Gym Log

JEFIT allows its users to record their body stats, workout routines and overall progress as they progress through their fitness program. In fact, the app can be used to plan a workout session with the user being able to use exercise routines from a database of thousands of workouts.

This Android fitness app can then be used to record a log of how each session went and even graph your progress. You can also ensure that you stay motivated and keep a tangible record of your physique sculpting routine by creating a progress album that include photos of what you look like at several points along the way. Other notable features include:

  • Workout planner
  • Progress Charting and tracking – track your weight, chest, waist, arms, shoulder, thigh, BMI, lifting stats, etc.
  • Beat your records – Keep a gym log so you can know what is the weight and number of reps you need to do to set a new personal record.
  • Detailed Exercise database – hundreds of exercise instructions, tips and animations
  • Copy/paste and duplicate routines and exercises
  • Setting default sets, repetitions and rest timer

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A Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

Using VirtuaGym to help you through your workout routine is like having a personal trainer showing you what you should be doing, how long you should be working out and how many sets you should be doing.

VirtuaGym has several workout routines for you to choose from. Each plays a video/animation that shows you how to execute each exercise and will continue to do so until you complete the set. You then have to rest (45sec) before the next set starts. Some users, and us, find that the 45sec rest time is bit long and would like to be able to reduce this. While the developers executed a beautiful concept, the app definitely needs to have more workouts and animations.  Install/QR Code

Which should you Get?

VirtuaGym was developed around good concept. It is a clean and easy to use Android workout app that includes animations and workout routines to help individuals through their exercise, fitness or weight loss program. VirtuaGym works fine but lacks content. JEFIT on the other hand is not as beautiful as VirtuaGym, but it has a robust set of features and content to help the user plan a good workout as well as track their progress using charts and photos. We think JEFIT is the best fitness app for Android, especially if you go for the Pro version, which has no ads, a better user interface and even more features.

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