Android Sleep App – A Solution for Insomniacs

By Steve McFarlane

Pzizz offers insomniacs a medication free solution to their restlessness. Having helped nearly 500,000 persons worldwide over the past decade… pzizz uses a patented algorithm to deliver unique and relaxing soundtracks that enable the user to:

  • Fall asleep more quickly and achieve more restful sleep
  • Relax more
  • Boost daytime energy
  • Reduce Stress

The app has two modules to help the user achieve a better state of relaxation:

Sleep – This module was designed to cure insomnia by delivering unique tracks over a period of 15 mins-10 hours, which should be enough to get you through the night.

PowerNap – if you need to boost your energy level during the day try the PowerNap option. It should help your body make the best of a 10 – 90 minutes power nap.

You can manually adjust the time to suit your sleep pattern or the amount of time you have. Neither should you get bored of the soundtracks, owing to the fact that the pzizz has an algorithm that creates a different soundtrack every time it is used. In fact, the developer claims that there are over 100 billion possible combinations. QR code

Here is a video from the developer about Pzizz:

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