Android Apps to Help you Lose Weight and Get Fit

By Steve McFarlane

Studies show that most overweight persons are desirous to get in shape, but lack the motivation to do so. Fortunately, there are apps to help. These Android weight loss apps will get you moving and doing workouts in no time, not only that, but there are some with journal functionality to help you track your nutrition and calorie intake as well. These fitness and weight loss apps aren’t just for fitness junkies but anyone who has a burning desire to lose weight and get fit.

WW Points Plus Diary + Scanner

This app is based on the Weight Watchers food points system and has gotten several positive reviews from those who use it. For those who aren’t in the know, Weight Watchers has a points system that takes into account a food’s protein, carbs, fat, and fiber numbers. Persons using the weight watchers points system get a daily personalized PointsPlus Target, based on their height and current weight so that they can know how much to eat in order to safely lose weight.

WW Points Plus has a barcode scanner that works in conjunction with the points system to help users determine the nutritional value, and by extension the WW Points, of restaurant and supermarket food items — for now this feature only works in the US. The feature gives the user a powerful meal builder that allows them to plan meals and see how it will affect their overall weight loss or fitness program before purchasing ingredients and or a complete meal.

Additionally, it contains a journal function, which includes the ability to check historical data and to see what has been eaten and the points associated with the data. Users can build their own custom food database and tailor it to fit their favorite foods and meals.

Some other features include activity points tracking, weekly points tracking and target points change alert, which is very useful, as the user’s points will change as they lose weight. A few complaints about this app is the fact that there is no way to sync the app with the website, there is a lack of restaurant database for countries other than the US, and the food database needs to be better populated.   QR Code

JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness

This is a splendid Android app for fitness enthusiasts. It allows users to track workouts and create routines. It contains hundreds of weight training exercises categorized by body parts and includes a search function that allows users to easily find workouts and routines. Best of all, those persons who like to workout without a trainer will have access to over 500 exercise instructions, animations and tips.

The app is a compilation of cardio, weight lifting, fitness and strength training exercises. It also enables, the user to view their body statistics and lifting progress. The major selling point for most users is the fact that the app allows them to save their progress over time and use the historical data to stay motivated. The routines are customizable, so you can create your own exercise routines for whatever interval is preferred.

The workout routine planner has customizable exercises that can be tailored to suit the needs of most users. It also supports multiple routines so users can switch between general and specific routines. There is also a smart logging system that automatically records input weight and reps and saves the best lifting records for each exercise.

Other important features include a progress tracking system where a graphic representation of body stats and lifting stats is shown on a chart – it automatically calculates body mass index based on the data that is fed to the app. With constant bug fixes and rave reviews this app is definitely one of the best Android workout apps available.   QR Code

Ultimate Weight Watcher Diary

If you are on the Weight Watchers plan and want to track your points this app is perfect for helping you reach your weight loss goals.  It recreates the entire ProPlus and PointsPlus plans, which means that users can aim to reach their weight loss goals using their Android phones.

The app features a barcode scanner, which can add items to your diary and favorites list. There is also an online food database of everyday food items (over half a million items) along with a built in database of over twenty thousand items. There is a database of popular restaurants for users to track items, along with a daily point diary tracker, which recreates weight watchers e-tools.

The app stores nutritional information within the tracker to allow the user to easily calculate items and tailor food portions. The app can also export data in plain text and spreadsheet formats so your progress can be shared with a friend or trainer. Additional features include recording daily notes within the tracker and an activity points calculator for all plans.  QR Code

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