Android Apps for Pregnant Women

By Steve McFarlane

This is a roundup of some of the best Android apps for pregnant women, and women who want to become pregnant. These apps provide pregnancy tips, information on the week-by-week development of the fetus, and estimate of the due date and even a fertility forecaster.

WomanLog Calendar

WomanLog Calendar – Android Ovulation Calendar AppIf by chance you are trying to get pregnant, quit praying to the fertility gods and try timing things a little better with this Android ovulation and menstrual cycle application. After accepting some basic information (i.e. period start), the app can forecast when you will be fertile, and when your period will end, and the next will start.

You can use the app to record when you take the pill, when you have intercourse and any other information you think is relevant. If you are concerned that your private information could get into the wrong hands, rest assured that the app is password protected.  It would be nice if the app had a mail feature, so you could email your history to a doctor. Nonetheless, the app is free to install and use. QR code.

Pregnancy Contraction TimerPregnancy Contraction Timer – Contraction Timer Android App

We couldn’t complete the roundup without including a contraction calculator.  The app has large buttons for starting and ending the contraction timer as well as recording when the water breaks.  The app will then calculate the average duration of the contractions so those concerned can have a good idea as to how far away the delivery is. This free pregnancy contraction timer can be installed using this QR code.

Pregnancy Calendar

Follow you baby’s week-by-week development and all that should be happening along the way with this Pregnancy Calendar - Android Apps for Pregnant Womenpregnancy app.  The app gives timely information on what the baby should look like at the various stages and what the mother should be feeling. The thoughtful tips will no doubt sooth the anxiety of first time and uninformed mothers.

We expect that the developer will be updating a few bits of information to make the app more accurate; it would also be nice if the days remaining were automatically updated. In any case, this is still a good resource. You can download this Android pregnancy calendar app using this QR code.

Pregnancy TickerPregnancy Ticker – Pregnancy Facts and Tips

This is a neat pregnancy app for expecting women. The app helps to track a pregnancy with cute weekly trimester drawings that show how the baby should look at the various stages of its development.  This is really a home screen widget that gives pregnancy facts and pregnancy tips while tracking the number of days and weeks to delivery. QR code.

Mom 2 Be FREE

This app is similar to Pregnancy Tick in that it allows mothers, fathers, family members and friends to track the progress of a pregnancy. The app doesn’t have pictures, but it gives useful information, weekly tips, growth statistics and allows the user to share information Mom 2 Be FREE - Week-by-week Fetal Developmentwith family and friends as well as journal and maintain a diary of significant events that occur during each trimester.  QR code.

Image Credits: Each image is the property of the respective app developer

  • Pregnancy Contraction Timer – Contraction Timer Android App
  • Mom 2 Be FREE – Week-by-week Fetal Development
  • Pregnancy Ticker – Pregnancy Facts and Tips
  • WomanLog Calendar – Android Ovulation Calendar App
  • Pregnancy Calendar – Android Apps for Pregnant Women
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My favorite app is Kick to Name. It lets your baby pick its own name by kicking the screen on your phone. Very cool.


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How about

Its rich UX based Android App…

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