The Best Android Medical Apps

By Steve McFarlane

No matter how good a medical practitioner you are, if you work long enough in the field there will come a time when you will need to consult a medical reference for information on a disease or medical condition, as well as seek information on how to treat patients.

Here is a list of the best apps for nurses and medical practitioners that will help them quickly find the information they need to make critical decisions and make complex calculations.

Nursing Drug HandbookNursing Drug Handbook – Android drug app

This Android medical drug app was designed as a handbook to help nurses safely administer more than 3,000 brand name and over 1,000 generic drugs. The Nursing Drug Handbook for Android has a strong focus on patient safety, and to that end it also gives important instructions on how to monitor patients who had been administered certain drugs.

While this medication reference app delivers on what it promises, the app only gives a 7-day trial, after which you will be asked to pay $29.99, if this is too steep a price for you to pay, read on to find some alternatives. In any case, you can download this drug guide from this link.

Mini Nurse – LiteMini Nurse -  nursing apps for  Android

If you are a first or second year nursing student this app was made for you. Mini Nurse Lite has a great dictionary, but some users may regard the information it contains as basic.  The app contains information on calculating dosages, medical abbreviations, suffixes, and suffixes.  Students will be quite happy to know that this app is free to download and use. You can find a download link here.

SkyScape Medical ResourcesSkyScape Medical Resources - mobile medical reference

This is collection of medical information and decision support resources for healthcare professionals. The app has a stash of free resources (RxDrugs, OCM & Archemides) which physicians, nurses, PAs, NPs medical students, and nursing students should find useful. You can find a download link to the app here.

Glasgow Coma Scale

Glasgow Coma Scale -  Android medical software

If you calculate GCSs every day you may not need this assessment tool. Nonetheless,

this simple Glasgow Coma Scale score calculator can be a handy tool for some. You can download a copy of this Android medical calculator from this link.

Mediquation Medical Calculator

Medical Medication CalculatorYou can find other medical calculators that have integrated medical calculators, but this one is so much better. This Android medical calculator app has over 229 formulas and scoring tools that is presented with an intuitive interface.

You simply search for the equation you want to use, enter the required values and the app will present the results to you with no need to remember complex formulas or perform tedious calculations. You can download a copy of the app from this link.

Nurses CentralNurses Central – Nurse apps

Nursing Central is the complete Android mobile app for nurses. It includes Davis’s Drug Guide, Taber’s Medical Dictionary, Diseases and Disorders, Davis’s Laboratory and

Diagnostic Tests, and Unbound MEDLINE. You can use the app to look up information on diseases, tests, and procedures. You can find a download link here.

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  • Nursing Drug Handbook – Android drug app
  • Mini Nurse –  Nursing apps for  Android
  • SkyScape Medical Resources – mobile medical reference
  • Glasgow Coma Scale –  Android medical software
  • Medical Medication Calculator
  • Nurses Central – Nurse apps
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