Android Apps for Finding Great Restaurants

By Steve McFarlane

One of the conveniences of our time is the ability to take family and friends out to have a meal instead of having to labor to prepare the meal at home. However, it can be challenging to find the next great place to eat.  In this article we highlight some of the best Android restaurant finder apps for discovering great restaurants, and others for finding healthy meals as well.


If you want to find a great place to eat, one of the best resources you can use is to ask a large community of persons who eat out a lot. Where do you find such a large group of restaurant aficionados?  Use a restaurant finder app such as Where. This app has a large list of places to eat, drink, play and have fun based on the recommendations of those who have been there. There are even guides that users have put together to help you make the most of your next visit.

The app makes it possible for you to find easy to reach eateries by showing you a list of recommended places that are close by. As you save places to you favorites the app will be empowered to make even better recommendations of similar places you may also be interested in trying out.

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There are quite a few apps you can use to find a great place to eat, but one of the best is Yelp. Truthfully, Yelp is more than an Android restaurant finder, in fact, the app is available on every major smart phone platform is can be used to find a place to stay, bars, drugstores, banks and nearly everything else.

The app uses GPS, Google Maps and AR (augmented reality) to help you find great restaurants. Do a search and the app will show a map of restaurants you may be interested in. Each restaurant is represented by a small bubble—tapping the bubble will show the restaurant’s ratings, opening times, menu items, a contact numbers and price range.

If you are in the mood to explore, you can use the AR feature to quickly identify restaurants that are close by as well. Once the feature is activated the app will display icons to represent food establishments that are in the direction you are pointing the phone. You can use the user-generated reviews to make your decision and even use the app to write your own when you are done eating.

Yelp is also a great way to coordinate an over lunch meet-up among friends with its check-in feature. In essence, you can allow you friends to see when you have reached the agreed meeting point and helps them find you as well.

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Fast Food Calorie Counter

This app helps you reconcile your diet with you love for fast food. The Fast Food Calories Counter provides nutritional information on over 9,000 menu items in over 73 fast food chains. Each item lists the nutritional information in terms of calories, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. You can use it to keep track of what you ate each time you set food into a Burger King, KFC or McDonalds.

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Restaurant Story

This app may be an odd fit for this roundup, but if you have been harboring dreams of owning your own restaurant you may like this virtual restaurant story app. This is a series of virtual world restaurant management apps that you use to design your own dream restaurant to entertain yourself and perhaps show off to your friends. To do well you will have to make sure your customers are happy and well fed. To do so you have an arsenal of stunning decorations and tasty new dishes! New content is released ever so often (usually every week), so the game is always getting better.


  • Design and build a unique cafe with stunning variety and creativity
  • Customize and choose a top-class menu to suit your tastes
  • Showcase your cafe and earn extra-special tips from friends
  • Invite your Facebook friends to be your neighbors
  • Exchange secret recipes with your friends
  • Hundred of dishes to choose from
  • Gets frequently update with new dishes, decorations, themes and more.

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