Songify — An Auto-tune app for Android

By Steve McFarlane

Even though the novelty of using this app may quickly wear off, one can’t deny that Songify is a pretty neat app.

Technology, we all know, makes a lot of things possible, but who would have thought that it could make singers out of even crows.

Auto-tune was originally intended to disguise off-key inaccuracies, allowing vocal tracks to be perfectly tuned despite being off-key.
From mindless ramblings, to more serious music creation, Songify auto-tunes your voice to create surprising good songs.

How this Android Auto-tune App Works

This is an auto-tune app for Android devices that alters the pitch of your voice to match that soundtrack you selected. Initially you are given just a few sample soundtracks to work with, but you can acquire others if you like.

Amazingly you can even read your shopping list to the app and it will adjust your voice to harmonize with the music you selected — you don’t even need to try and sing.

The app slightly blends pitches to the nearest true semitone thus harmonizing your voice with the music. Because the pitch of the voice is raised and lowered, the effect is perceived by the listener as a sort of voice leap from note to note, much like what a synthesizer does.

Songify if pretty easy to use and works well, considering the fact that it even makes music from absolute nonsense. This auto-tune app was used in quite a number of popular Youtube videos. Here is one version of the popular “Bed Intruder Song.”


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