What is the Best Ebook Reader for Android?

By Steve McFarlane

Having the convenience to read a book while on the go can make waiting in long lines, or occupying one’s free time more enjoyable. If you don’t mind using the relative small display of a mobile device to read ebooks, then these ereaders should be of interest to you. In this roundup, we look at the best Android ebook readers on the market.

Laputa Reader(+ Free eBooks)

Laputa Reader - android ebook readerAccess and read from a library of thousand of ebooks (many of which are free), with this eye candy of an app. Laputa sources many of it books from 3rd party content providers such as Gutenberg, Shucang, Avaywan, Blazer and ManyBooks; users can also import ebooks from their collection. Laputa does a good job of simulating the reading experience with a wonderful animation of a page flip.

The reading experience can also be tailored to the user’s preference by customizing the font size/style, display brightness, and switching between the day or night mode to make text more legible in bright lighting and less jarring on the eyes when the lighting is poor. You can download the free version of this book with this QR code.

Aldiko eReader for Android

This app is a small player in a large pond. Still, the app represents itself well. The app does allow the user to Aldiko eReader for Android – Limited ebook storebrowse through thousands of titles (most of which are free ebooks), and download them directly to the app. Aldiko has a set of features that allow it to be easily customized to the liking of the user (i.e. background themes for day or night reading). Other features include the basics that we have come to expect from the best electronic book readers, such as the ability to do a word search, change the text size and orientation of the book for easier reading. QR code.

Nook eReader

Barnes and Noble has capable electronic book readers for the major platforms, not least among which is the Nook Nook eReader - ebook Reader for AndroideReader for Android. While the app allows users to shop and access more than 2 million eBooks, including new releases and free books, the app could be improved to make it easier to search by subject. Barnes and Noble do recommend books, but these recommendations will not suit the taste of all readers. On the plus side, you will be hard press to find another app that has this app’s eBook lending feature.  You can get the free version through this QR code.

Kindle for Android

It is hard for anything less than a stellar ebook reader to go up against Kindle for Android and win. The app is backed by a large ebook store, a feature-rich interface and stable performance, which make it the envy of its competitors in the electronic book readers arena. In fact, we think it is the best ebook reader on the market. As with reading an ebook on the Kindle, you can sync your reading across Kindle for Android - Electronic Book Readermultiple platforms, including a laptop, mobile phone and even a Kindle. The feature is enabled by Amazon’s Whispersync technology that sync notes, bookmark, highlights, and last read page that was read across your devices. The app can also be used to:

  • Customize your reading experience by choosing the background color, font size, and either portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Search inside the book to find a character, topic, or section you want to revisit
  • Shop the Kindle Store for over 750,000 titles
  • Buy, read, and sync over 100 Kindle newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, Newsweek, The Atlantic, and many more.

Use this QR code to get the app.


There are other Droid ereaders on the market, including one from Kobo and another from Borders. We did not include those electronic readers because of how poorly they deliver on what they promised. Instead, we decided to show you the top ebook readers that are available.

Image Credits: Each image is the property of the respective app developer

  • Nook eReader – ebook Reader for Android
  • Aldiko eReader for Android – Limited ebook store
  • Laputa Reader – android ebook reader
  • Kindle for Android – Android pdf reader
  • Kindle for Android – Electronic Book Reader
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Enjoy the new design. I enjoyed this article. Thanks a lot for this remarkable entry.


Unfortunately the kindle app is completely useless to anyone not living in America, with an American credit card and an American zip code and an American accent…

In fact if I’d realised how crippled Android itself is (cannot purchase ANY paid apps) in most countries, including mine, I’d have never got an Android phone.

Much as I dislike the whole fanboy thing my next phone will be an iphone, because I can use itunes and the app store.

Advert-splattered free versions of proper apps (or not being able to have the app at all) just doesn’t do it for me.


How can you possibly say that the Kindle readeris feature rich and the best e-reader?? You are either deluded or they must be paying you. For a start, the steps in font size are too big, there is no choice of font, no adjustment of contrast, and no adjustment of their ridiculously large distance between lines. Pathetic. If it wasn’t for the existing library of books from Amazon, this ereader would be nowhere. I couldn’t think of a more basic interface. It’s crap products like this that hand to Apple their cult status on plate. And sycophantic reviews like this one.

Steve McFarlane

atanas, you are a pretty passionate reader, love that. What device did you use the reader on?


Thanks for the article.
It has been useful.
I also enjoyed the funny comments hahaha

Steve McFarlane

Thank you Claudio. We do get some interesting comments; we welcome them all though.


“Laputa does a good job of simulating the reading experience with a wonderful animation of a page flip.” That’s one of a few things I enjoy about reading a book with my EVO phone and TABLET (EVO VIEW), is the page FLIP (aka animated page turn). That would be a welcomed feature for me to make the Amazon Kindle app for Android my top pick. There is a reader called Moon+ Reader and it incorporates the animated page turn, the side-tap for next or previous page, and the up and down text scroll.

After searching for a hard to find book, “The Fat Flush Plan”, by Ann Louise Gittleman, the ONLY e-store to have it was Amazon. She has many books out but that was the only one that was really hard to find.

Still though, it’s a toss-up for me between Nook and Kindle especially when I looked for magazines, like Men’s Health. It could be a licensing thing. Actually this was hard to find through the Kindle store, but no prob with NOOK.

A final note: I wish they all had a WIDGET for my tablet like the “MY SHELF READER” app on my EVO VIEW tablet has.


wrong. wrong. couldn’t be more wrong. did i mention wrong?

Yes, Aldiko has a limited # of books available. However its user experience is most conducive to, you know, reading a dang book! I don’t want to have to tap or swipe to change the page. I’m on a train. If i wanted the extra hassle i’d be a luddite and bring a paperbased book. Aldiko lets me click the audio button on my droid to change the page. Whoo-hoo! One handed reading while i try not to fall over someone on the train!

But yeah, i wish i had the selection available with kindle, so i use that only when i want to read something from amazon.


Won’t Calibre convert into the formats that you wish to use? I have gotten many ebooks and converted them into ‘mobi’ and ‘prc’
for my wife’s kindle.


I keep searching Laputa on the application store and I can’t find it. Is it under something else?


The papper – it’s the best reader.


I have the Kindle app & i’m downloading the Aldiko app to compare the two. I’m already liking Aldiko because its only 6.52MB and Kindle is 14.14MB time to play around and see how good Aldiko really is.


“Laputa” means “The whore” in spanish. I laughed 😛

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