The Best Android Tablet Games

By Steve McFarlane

Despite the fact that most Android games were initially designed for phones, there are some great Android games that make good use of the larger screens that Tablets have. Here are some to the best Android Tablet games that are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab or other popular models.

You can download any of these Android tablet games by scanning the QR Code with a barcode scanner app

Spaghetti MarshmallowsSpaghetti Marshmallows - Best Anroid Tablet Games

Use uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows to build structures that are strong enough to support their own weight. You will need to follow the laws of physics thought, to ensure that the structure doesn’t crash under its own weight. The objective is to advance through each stage by building up a structure that can suspend marshmallows into designated targets. These targets are often elevated well above the ground and have some obstacles that are place in the way of reaching them. You can download this tablet-optimized app using this QR code.

Angry BirdsAngry Birds - Android Games for Tablets

This is a fun and often addictive Android game that is sure to keep you entertained for more than a few minutes. Angry Birds has physic-based game-play whereby angry bird (each with special powers) seek revenge on the pigs that have stolen their eggs. The game is played by using a slingshot to propel the birds in a Kamikaze style attach on the pig’s strong hold. Get the game using this QR code.

Enjoy Sudoku

This sudoku app has 16 levels of play and a virtually unlimited number of puzzles that both novices and expert players can enjoy. The game has a tutorial that’s ideal for new players, and an erase feature for times you need to undo a mistake.  There is also a hint feature for the times you get stuck.

QR code.

Cribbage Pro

In Cribbage, two players race each other to see who can reach 121 first. This online version of the game can be used to play against other online players.

QR code.

If you know of a good game for Android Tablets, that you think we should include in this list, please tell us about it in the comments section below.

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  • Enjoy Sudoku – Fun Android Tab Games
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11 Responses to “The Best Android Tablet Games”

Best Android Apps 2011

Nice Roundup.Spaghetti Marshmallows is my favorite to the Android games reviewed here.



Worth to mention one awesome mind game ‘Mind Gear Up!’ in android market. On of my friend recommended this cool game . Cool GUI and great gameplay. Highly addictive and challenging. Here is the link for all of you…

Todd Sherman

Nice list of games for Tablets. I will need to try the marshmallow game. I wish the Google Market had a symbol next to games that have been optimized for Tablets.

We just redid all of the art on our game Farkle Dice for the Tablet. It took a ton of work but it was a huge request from our players.


Plants vs. Zombies is great fun. Doesn’t have all the levels you find on the PC version but still worth it.

Steve McFarlane

I don’t understand the zombie obsession but the game does seem to be fun.

Myra Sincer

Plants vs. Zombies is awesome and so is furdiburb. furdiburb is a virtual alien pet and he has his own worlds and stuff, and its a kind of puzzle game, where you have to unlock the secrets yourself


I am getting a tablet for christmas. i heard that monkey go happy is a good game.


I heard the top 5 best games are(least to greatest)hair plucker,pocket frogs,monkey go happy,angry birds, and at number 1+ plants vs. zombies.


Everyone should try air control lite. Very addicting


thats great reallly


The plants vs. zombies doesn’t work.

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