The Best Android Games – Brain and Puzzle Games

By Steve McFarlane

A good puzzle, sudoku or chess game can really help the keep the mind sharp and can also relieve boredom. This is a list of the best brain and puzzle games for Android devices.  The list consists of those Android games that have the highest user ratings.

Enjoy Sudoku

This sudoku app has 16 levels of play and a virtually unlimited number of puzzles those novices and expert players can enjoy. The game has a tutorial that’s ideal for new players, and an erase feature for times you need to undo a mistake.  There is also a hint feature for the times you get stuck.

Spaghetti Marshmallows

Use uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows to build a structure that reaches up to a hoop that is set as a goal in each level. You will need to respect natural laws (gravity, physics etc) to ensure that the structure doesn’t bend too much, snap and fall apart, even though it is just as much fun to destroy what you built by entering rampage mode. In this mode you can drop heavy objects on the fragile spaghetti and marshmallows structure and then watch it crumble.

Shortyz Crosswords

This game has a number of free crossword puzzles. It also has a paid subscription to NYT where you can get more puzzles.

Bubble Blast 2

Strategically burst bubbles to trigger a chain reaction that will pop other bubbles. When each bubble pops it explodes and hits other bubbles, causing them to also explode. It is this chain reaction that the player needs to exploit in order to pop as many bubbles as possible with as small a number of tries as the player can manage. Lower levels of the game include more red bubbles (easier to pop).  As the game progresses to higher levels, there are more blue and green bubbles on the screen, which take two or more hits to burst.

Shredder Chess

This chess board game has 1000 built in chess puzzles, a chess coach and adjustable player strength.

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Great game list..Love these games..



Worth to mention one awesome mind game ‘Mind Gear Up!’ in android market. On of my friend recommended this cool game . Cool GUI and great gameplay. Highly addictive and challenging. Here is the link for all of you…


Home run! Great sulggnig with that answer!

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