Review of Draw Something for Android

By Guest Contributor

Draw Something has been around for less than 2 months, but already it has topped Angry Birds in terms of popularity with over 50 million downloads.

Created by OMGPOP (which was bought out by Zynga, the same company that’s famous for Words with Friends), the app is a bit like the game Pictionary, allowing you to draw things that your friends guess.

When the app was first released, drawings per second averaged about 3.  The most recent stats from the developer suggest that there are over 3,000 drawings per second being created.  More than 6 billion doodles have been created since the app was released.  So what’s this app all about?

There are two versions of the app – one free, and one paid. The free version and paid version have almost the same features, though the free version features ads and the paid version eliminates them.  It only costs $0.99 for the app, and it is well worth the dollar to eliminate the annoying ads.

You can sign up using Facebook or Twitter, which allows you to see which of your friends are playing so that you can engage them in games as well.  If you’re not a Facebook user, or prefer not to use your Facebook or Twitter account you can still signup with an email address.

How Draw Something Works

The game allows you to pair up with a friend and take turns at drawing.  The object is to be the first to accurately guess what your opponent is drawing.  In each round, you get a list of words and you may choose one to draw.  The words are categorized according to varying difficulties.  You can choose the thickness of your pen and alter your color, in order to give you flexibility in what you’re drawing.

Once you’ve finished your drawing, the picture is sent to your opponent, who can watch you draw it and try to guess what you’ve created.  They are given a selection of letters to tap, so they don’t have to completely guess.  This is helpful when the drawing is particularly complicated.
After they’ve completed their guessing, you get to see how quickly they were able to figure it out, and you can exchange stats – checking out who is generally better at guessing and how quickly they are able to guess.

There’s also a random feature which pairs you up with a complete stranger.  This can be fun too, but keep in mind that unlike Pictionary, there is no one to keep track of “rules”.  You may find that people use words in their drawing (not allowed in Pictionary) if they’re unable to accurately draw the word they were given.  There’s also a “bomb” feature which allows you to “blow the word up” if you’re having difficulty with that particular word.

Pro & Cons

There have been a few complaints about minor issues: with a smaller screen size, for example, you will not be able to see and participate well, but it is a good Tablet game.  Other complaints center around the lack of notifications when it’s your turn, and the fact that it doesn’t override the display settings of a phone, allowing the screen to go dark in the middle of games.  Overall, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and downloads/uses continue to grow exponentially.

Jonathan Martin is a Seattle Magento developer and avid player of Draw Something.

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