Enjoy a Game of Chess on Your Android with these Apps

By Steve McFarlane

While many of us play chess simply for the fun of it and don’t mind if a friend beats us now and then, others harbor ambitions of becoming Grand Masters. It is for that reason that we put together a list of the top three chess apps for Android devices for those who like to have the option to play when they want, and also have the resources necessary to improve their game. Here are some of the best-rated Android chess games.

Chess Free

This is one of the best-rated Chess apps for Androids on the market. The app allows players to test their skill, at playing chess, against an AI (artificial intelligence) chess engine that has 10 levels of expertise. This chess app is particularly suited for those who are trying to learn the game in that the app allows the player to review the moves that cost them game or gave them an advantage and a win.

Many users will like the “Show CPU Thinking” option that reveals what moves the AI is contemplating and thereby shows the player the counter moves and strategies that are at the disposal of their opponent. All in all, we think this Android Chess app is great for those who love the game of chess, and more so those who are just learning how to play.   Install/QR Code

Chess for Android

If you would like to take your game to the next level then this may be the app for you. Some notable features of Chess for Android include the ability to review a previous game and also import and export games. Perhaps one of the most powerful features of the app is the coach feature, which highlights all valid moves you can make before you even decide on which one to make. This is a great feature that can help new players see what options they have as well as help more seasoned players to avoid overlooking a play they may have otherwise not seen.

It is an option that many will use, owing to the fact that the game play can be challenging even when set a beginners level. A least one player has complained that he observed the app making invalid plays; we didn’t observe this for ourselves so we can’t make a judgment on that allegation, but we maintain that Chess for Android is a good app especially since it is free and has no ads (up until the time this review was written).  Install/QR Code

Online Game Play Option

If you are looking for an Android game app that will allow you to play chess online then Chess.com’s Android app is a good option. The app not only offers a way for you to play against thousands of potential opponents and even chat with those players during the game, you can also track your ranking, scores, and access instructional videos from Grand Masters and review a large library of tactical puzzles.

If you decide to play against the computer you have the option of choosing what level the computer should play at. You can also have the computer give you a hint as to what strategy it is using and use that information to improve your skill level or give yourself an advantage over the computer to win the game.  Install/QR Code

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