Best Android Games: Free Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Some of the best Android games are paid versions, but still, there are some good freebies on the market. While it is true that some are supported by ads, we made every attempt to compile a list of some of the top rated android gaming apps on the market and put it here for your convenience.

Bonsai Blast

The objective of this puzzle game is to pop marbles, of similar color, before the chain of marbles reaches a preset destination. Each time you use the gun to pop three or more marbles it adds another to the chain, so the game is kept interesting. The game has 90 levels of game play. This is recommended for fans of Bejeweled, TETRIS, Wurdle, Blackbeard’s Assult, Trism, Zuma and Puzzloop


Perhaps the most highly rated pinball app on the market.

Chess Free

This Android chess game has timers, hints and handicaps; the game also has10 playable levels (from novice to expert).

Andoku Suduku

This Android Suduku game has over 5000 puzzles, ranging from the standard game to variations such as Sudoku-X, Hyper Sudoku, Percent Sudoku, Color Sudoku and Squiggly Sudoku.

Spaghetti Marshmallows

Use uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows to build structures that are strong enough to support their own weight. You will need to follow the natural laws of physics to ensure that the structure doesn’t crash under its own weight.

Slice It!

Players are challenged to cut various figures into pieces of the same size or surface area. The concept sounds simple enough, but the game can become challenging.

Live Holdem Poker Pro

This is a multiplayer game that allows Poker players to go up against millions of other real players on Facebook and Google Android platform.

Air Control Lite

Play the role of a traffic controller by simply directing planes to the runway while ensuring that they avoid other planes; it is a simple but addictive game.

Doodle Bowling

This is a realistic physics game. If you don’t like the theme rest assured that there are others that you can unlock, including fire, chalk, cardboard, underwater and arcade. Overall, this is a very cool Android game.

Bubble Blast 2

Strategically burst bubbles to trigger a chain reaction that will eliminate the other bubbles. You have a limited number of tries per level, so you need to be strategic. Some people find this game to be therapeutic.

Tangled Puzzle: JigSaw

Here is a very simple, cute and fun jigsaw puzzle game. The images can be saved to SD so you don’t need to worry about it hogging your phone’s memory.

We know that this list is not comprehensive. So please feel free to suggest a game you think should be included here; you may do so in the comments section below.

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sagar gohil



I’ve been playing Fuzzy Logic – a puzzle game, and it’s really fantastic. Something to recommend to your readers…


Red Stone: This is just like unblock me, but its super hard and fun.

Racing Moto: Simple yet very addictive game

Swahili App

I love “Slice It”. I think it is a very cool game and good test for your eyes. If you play this game you will love it too.

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