Best Android Games – Card Game Apps

By Steve McFarlane

Card games have long been used for entertainment, to pass time and to wager. Here are some to the best-rated Android card games on the market.

250+ Solitaire Collection

This is a collection of more than 250 Solitaire games, including favorites such as FreeCell and Klondike.  Each game has demonstrations and the rules of play.

Live Holdem Poker Pro

Play live Poker against millions of real players on Facebook and Google Android platform. This is a very popular MMORPG game.

Fun Towers

A Solitaire style game.

Blackjack Attack

A faster paced version of the classic blackjack card game.

Kings in the Corner

This card game is not very popular, but owing to the fact that quite a few persons have given it a good rating, it deserves a look.

Cribbage Pro Online!

In Cribbage, two players race each other to see who can reach 121 first. This online version of the game can be used to play against other online players.

We know that this list is not comprehensive. So please feel free to suggest a game you think should be included here; you may do so in the comments section below.

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4 Responses to “Best Android Games – Card Game Apps”

John Griner

Which games do you have that will play on an Android 2.1 Internet Tablet?? Thanks, John Griner


You forgot Live Hold’em, my favorite android card game.

Bird hunting

I am a big fan of chess games, it is the best mind exercise. There is a point that people are less in to chess games, Hunting genre of game app is more desired in recent scenario and the game which appeals me the most is called BIRD HUNTING.


I like WILDCARDS for Android a lot! 🙂 Maybe anybody know other quartet-like games?

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