Android Math Games for Kids and Adults Alike

By Steve McFarlane

Mathematics and fun aren’t usually a combination that kids will talk about in a general conversation. However, with the advent of some very engaging and entertaining math based apps, the conversation for kids may very well change to include the term ‘fun maths apps’.

The main thing with these math-based games is that they are educational yet fun. Who wouldn’t love to have their kids playing something that will help them with their time tables, fractions or with other mathematics related concepts that often seem dull and boring? The following Android math apps are highly rated and are great math apps for your kids to spend hours having fun and learning with. While this roundup only covers the paid versions of these math game apps, there are free versions of each app available.

Math Workout Pro ($2.02)

This Android math app offers addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, timetable master and an ominous sounding brain cruncher. It is developed for persons of all stages and ages that want a mental workout to keep their brain fit. The app has an easy to use interface, 3 levels of difficulty, 7 game modes including ‘online world’ where the user can engage in online competitions with fellow players. The app is going for $2.02, and has a promotion running every week for a limited time where persons with the fastest workout can submit their videos and receive a weekly prize of a $50 Amazon gift card.

Math Maniac Gold ($1.09)

This game is surprisingly addictive; the aim of the game is to

combine numbers to equal the number in the left bottom corner of the screen. Of course, the combinations keep getting harder and harder but it is fun to hunt down the combinations. The game has recently gone through some upgrade, which gave the game a new layout and Heyzap support (a massive online multiplayer world) for those persons who would like to post their scores on social networking sites.

Math Attack Pro ($1.02)

Here is a good combination of learning and fun. This versatile application enable users to practice different types of math problems such as multiplication, squares and multiple part questions, along with the usual addition subtraction and division type problems. The statistics section can be used to evaluate how well the child is doing over time.

Game modes include a practice option where users can choose the type of questions with which to practice, or choose a timed playing mode that allows the user to race against the clock. There is also a survival mode where correct answers add to the time left and the Rounds mode asks 10 questions per round but allows the user to only answer one question incorrectly per round.

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