A Brief Review of GTA 3 for Android Devices

By Steve McFarlane

Rockstar Games, as is known to all its fans, is singularly related to the blockbuster series of GTA (a.k.a Grand Theft Auto) – has celebrated the tenth birthday of one of its most influential games by repeating history. Late last year, the 10th anniversary of GTA 3 brought the action packed open world 3D sandbox styled game to mobile devices i.e. Android and iOS.

This reincarnation of Liberty City from the classic consoles to the high tech world of mobile computing has been a success. Considered as a port because of the fact that the original setup of the game remained intact, GTA 3 for mobile devices allows the massive and diverse world of crime along with its complete set of characters to be played on touch screen devices and is now available on Android Market sites such as the one over at AndroidPIT.


Unlike other iOS GTA clones the interface on this version is more like the real one. The game play as we said before follows the original, only the controls have been changed to fit mobile devices. The map, options and open world is the same as that in the older version as well. It functions smoothly especially on larger tablet screens but the old essence of the game is still preserved. Unfortunately, it may come as a disappointment to longtime Grand Theft Auto players who have played the later installments of the game to find that recent features such as jumping out of moving cars is none existent. But that in some sense it keeps the spirit of GTA 3 unspoiled. All GTA fans should be in their element on this one.


It is well known that controls can kill or make a game, even more so when you are playing on a touch screen as opposed to traditional consoles. GTA 3’s controls are designed to be intuitive and the buttons are all in their right place and sensitivity is just perfect. However, the auto camera works very well until you try and change it. This is when one has to bring his finger to the middle of the screen, which unfortunately disrupts game play. Otherwise everything about the input is snazzy.


The gaming experience would be enhanced if the scenery was better.  It is not too ‘real estate’ but this Android game has just enough realism to make you feel in your element, though the pixel density and colors seem to have remained unchanged from the previous version. We just hoped that the real estate would have been better rendered to enhance the gaming experience, but then some have argued that more refined visuals would have made the game out of character with its theme.


It’s only recently that modders have found a way to work their magic on the Android GTA 3 too. Since all the files are there, only in different places, users can easily mod the game if they are so inclined.


GTA 3 has fit extraordinarily well onto the Android platform. Since the game has a sapping effect on the battery, producers have made it easier to save missions. Instead of heading to your safe-house gamers can exit the game and return exactly where they left off. Overall, GTA 3 is well worth its $5 price tag for all the nostalgia, excitement and experience.

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