Birds PRO – Android Bird Guide

By Steve McFarlane

Birds PRO by Nature Mobile is a stylish and easy-to-use bird breed identification guide with an integrated picture and sound quiz game. The app allows the user to read fascinating information and learn facts about 230 common European bird breeds; browse more than 1500 professional bird pictures; listen to more than 460 spectacular calls and songs and find your favorite bird.


Though many of the screen shots feature the Deutsch language, the app is also available in English. You can select English when the app starts up or you can click Info and select the language you want.

Due to the high-resolution of the bird images and sounds (about 150MB), this Android bird guide needs to be installed on the SD card – which means you wont need the Internet to access the resources on the app.

You can try the free version before spending the $14.28 asking price for this app. Fortunately; you can uninstall the free version without loosing any pictures in the full version.


As mentioned before, the bird guide has over 230 common European bird breeds with 1,500 high quality pictures of the male and female birds, their young and their eggs. There are also 468 recordings of calls and songs.

The app allows you to identify birds by their appearance, size, feathering, beak type, and you can also filter them by geographic range and habitat.

Users can submit their own pictures for possible inclusion in the app. To submit your own pictures visit the app’s official website at  The developer promises to consider every serious, curious, and hilarious picture — high-quality pictures may be included in future updates. QR code

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