The Ultimate Android WiFi VOIP App

By Steve McFarlane

VOIP calling has been around for many years but has been restricted to enterprise level use. In part because traditional VOIP solutions required significant technological know how and a matching pool of resources to finance and support the purchase of equipment and data service to facilitate such solutions.

Some well known voice over IP (VOIP) service providers (Vonage, Skype and now Google) have brought simplified VOIP solutions to the consumer market and in the process enabled them to access cheaper rates while making long distance calls and at times even free calling. Once of the rising stars in the Android WiFi VOIP arena is Google Voice. We will take a closer look at what this service offers.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice route calls onto data networks thereby bypassing the more expensive cellular networks and the higher rates that they charge on their voice plans. While a service such as Skype has for many years allowed users to call other Skype users at no cost, the service requires you to pay a fee to call others who don’t have a Skype client installed on their mobile device or computer, and also for making long distance calls.Google Voice - Android WiFi VOIP Solution

You will still need to pay to make long distance calls using Google Voice, but you can call others even if they don’t have Google Voice installed – Skype now has this feature but not in the way to Google Voice does. The service can actually route incoming calls to any, or all of your phone numbers, or in any combination of those numbers that you choose. The standout feature of this Android WiFi VOIP app is the super cheap rates you can get while making international calls. For example, calls to Afghanistan cost just $.029 and those to Argentina costs as little as $0.03 per minute.

Favorite Features

A favorite feature of many users is the voicemail transcription service. This feature will transcribe your voicemails and send an email, or SMS, with the transcription to an email address of your choice — the service is only available in the US though. As with most automated voice recognition services the accuracy is not 100%, but it is good enough for you to get the gist of what the caller wanted to communicate.

While you can access Google Voice through a web browser, the Android app does make this mobile VOIP solution so much better, QR code for Google Voice - Android WiFi VOIP Solutionespecially in the way it integrates with the phones telephony. For example, you can set Google Voice handle all your calls; just the International ones or any combination that is your preference.

If you set Google Voice to answer all your calls, the other party will not see your phone number; instead, they will see your Google Voice number, which is a good option for keeping your real number private. Google Voice is free, even for sending text messages — of course, you will need to pay for international calls.

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Chicago SEO Specilaist

I need to try Goove IP, I have heard some good feedback. However, I do wish Talkatone can quickly develop a Android App.

Jennifer Torres

For me the best Voip app using WiFi is MOBIP (
I used a lot of them but this one is more versatile. Before I had programs that would work on my phone or my BFs phone but not BOTH phones and not my parents phone too MOBIP fits my Nokia, my BFs Android and my Dad’s iPhone and it works really well since we can call each other for free over WiFi (also free) meaning I don’t have to get another sim card just to use the phone when I go out of the country on business.

I love the international calling rates too, SO much cheaper than SKYPE and some of the others I’ve had.

Anyway, check it out, you should review it for your site:

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