The Smozzy Android App Lets You Browse Without a Data Plan

By Steve McFarlane

It turns out that you can still browse the web without mobile data plan. According to this app’s developer, “Smozzy Beta lets you use your T-Mobile unlimited messaging plan to browse the web.” Smozzy uses a clever hack of the SMS and MMS service to let you send requests and receive web content without a mobile data plan

The app opens up to a simple browser-like interface that lets you enter the URL of the site you want to visit. Once you enter the website address the app sends a request to the Smozzy servers that downloads the requested page and puts everything into a zip file (pictures, links and all). The file is then sent as a PNG via MMS to the app. The app then decodes the PNG file and presents the webpage with links and images intact.

Smozzy is quite clever a solution that works surprising well, though it wont break performance records, especially if the service’s servers aren’t scaled properly. On the other hand one can’t help but wonder if T-Mobile will allow the app to live, considering the fact that some users may forgo the paid data plan to use this work-around.


You should be aware that the app doesn’t encrypt the data it sends, so you shouldn’t even try using it to access your bank accounts and Facebook profile. In addition, the application may send and receive a large number of messages; so using it without an unlimited messaging plan is not recommended either. Currently the app only works on T-Mobile (U.S only). QR Code

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