iPhone and Android VoIP Apps

By Marshall Kincaid

VoIP apps are bringing about a revolution in the communication process. The change is visible in the growing trends of using various communication technologies especially as seen in the increasing popularity of smartphone devices such as Android and iPhone. The apps development industry has started showing consistent growth, and in 2011 alone it has seen growth of over 14%. You can find various VoIP apps; some are exclusive to a smartphone platform, while others have versions for all platforms. In this article, you can find a comparison of VoIP apps for Android and iPhone devices.

Android Exclusive:

There are many VoIP apps that are exclusive to the Android OS and are available on Android market. Take for example the free and open-source Sipdroid app. This Android VoIP app was written in Java, but works normally like other apps. Your Android experience can be enriched by free installation of the app from the Android market. The app helps you connect with VoIP services, like Ooma, Vonage, and Axvoice etc. Another famous name is Acrobits, which helps VoIP usage on your Android.  It offers multiple SIP account support, phone contacts integration and many other features.

IPhone Exclusive:

Just like Android, iPhone also has a plethora of VoIP apps that can be used to connect to VoIP services. There are some iPhone exclusive apps with the majority of such apps being developed by Apple itself, owing to the fact that in the beginning Apple did not allow users to install third party apps. However, now you can download and install third party apps onto your iPhone, albeit with some restrictions.

Common VoIP Apps:

Before going into the details of this, you need to know about one fundamentally important thing. Some of the VoIP apps are developed by VoIP service providers, while others are generic third party or open source applications. When you talk about generic VoIP apps, you have plenty of open source, third party and operators’ built apps. These apps are common and can be used on any given Smartphone like Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. Some of famous apps that you can use for your Smartphone devices include; Bria, Mobile VoIP, Tribair VoIP, VoIP Buster, VoIP call Cheaper than Skype and many others. These apps help you remain connected to your VoIP services, which enable you to control your communication budget.

Comparative Analysis:

In order to increase your joys and enrich your experience, you can download and install various types of applications on your Android and iPhone. Both of them have thousands of applications in every category. The case of VoIP apps is also the same, as they have dozens of options for installing the apps. Some of the apps may work on one device and not at the other.

However, you can have hundreds of apps that can work on both devices. Moreover, while selecting the VoIP app for your smart device, you need to be mindful of the fact that your app should be compatible with the VoIP service you are using. Fortunately, many VoIP services like Vonage, 8×8 and Axvoice not only have their own applications but can also work with various open source VoIP applications as well.

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Daniel Volk

It is true. In the last few years, a number of voip service apps for mobiles have emerged. Like all other apps, only few of these apps are useful. However, the point to remember is one app may work very well with some specific device but it may not perform good on some other gadget. That makes choice quite difficult for the users.

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