Emoji for Android

By Steve McFarlane

Emoji is a fun alternative to bland text only messaging; it allows users to say so much more with cute, funny and interesting little graphics. Unfortunately, there aren’t many well-executed emoji for Android solutions that work on all carriers and among all Android devices. Nonetheless, we have identified some emoji Android apps that are great to have when chatting with emoji crazy iphone users and other Android owners who have found a way to make it work on their phones and tablets.

You will know that your Android doesn’t have emoji icon support if you see small squares in your messages when someone tries to send you an emoji SMS or email. Instead of rooting your phone to get emoji support, you can use one of these solutions to ensure that your Android can send and receive emoji icons to iPhones and other Android devices. Some of the best Android emoji apps include:

Handcent Emoji Plugin – Handcent is a popular messaging application that can handle multiple account types and services. This plugin allows Hancent users to send and receive cool emoji icons. However, the plugin can only send emoji icons to other devices that have the Hancent Emoji plugin installed and iPhone users, otherwise the recipient may see only square boxes where the icons should be. Once the plugin is installed you can insert emoji icons by selecting insert smileys and clicking emoji from the menu item. Install/QR code

Emoji Codec Free – This app will give you a plethora of emojis to choose from, unfortunately the app doesn’t integrate with other messaging apps unless they support it (i.e., Google Buzz, Cicada). In essence you will need to copy the icons from the app to the messaging application before sending the message. Install/QR code

GO SMS Pro Emoji Plugin – This is one of the best emoji Android apps you will find. However the GO SMS app does not support emoji from the get go, you must upgrade the GO SMS PRO app to at least version 3.0 and then install the GO SMS Pro Emoji Plugin.  Install/QR code

Cicada – A Google Buzz client that can handle multiple clients and also support emoticons and emoji icons alike. It is a relatively new app on the Market but owing to the fact that it is a free application users should have no reservation about trying it.  Install/QR code

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